Monday, June 16, 2008

In Which She Whines...

My husband and I often have this conversation:
Him: If you weren't so damned "glass half-full..."
Me: Yeah, well, you're all like "Who drank my f*cking coke?" (permission to use the "f" word implied by its use elsewhere recently)
Both, in unison and with giggles: But its definitely better than your (his) Mom: she's more like, "I'm gonna kill the SOB that took my drink!"

Its true. I hardly ever feel slighted. On the contrary, I know for a fact I've got the dream life: a healthy, loving, respectful huband; happy, healthy and mostly good kids, a great house and tons of creative freedom. Its the mother lode and I know it.

But I feel like crap lately. For starters, after the giddy excitement of last-day-of-school last week, Haley took off for a week long trip on her own with her grandparents in Florida. Right. On a plane, by herself, out of arms' reach for over a week. At first I was so worried about her and as soon as she landed safely in Florida that evaporated and reformed into oh god I want her to come home and be with us. Such a good kid she is; I know she has to reveling in this reprieve of older sister obligation, the time for undivided attention, indulgence and wreckless relaxation. How many more days till Thursday? Its time, baby; its time.

Next Up

So I've had the worst year of my life with allergies and sinus issues. After I'd seen my internist for like the seventh time of the season we agreed we should escalate and see an ENT dude to evaluate the role that anatomy might play. Good plan. And he was encouraging; thought he had some help to offer. But first wanted me to see an allergist; again, a smart move---eliminate the role of allergy from the problem and then determine what, if any, surgical remedies were in order. I was devastated. Know why? I just can't take any more of this. I simply can.not.breathe through my nose and my face fills like its full of nastiness (which, in point of fact it is; I saw the endoscope images and the CT scan).

Seems its also been a bad year for everyone here so it took me 3 weeks to get in to the first allergist I could find in the area (the ones with great reputations couldn't see me until the end of summer...yeah, right).

Good news/bad news/wtf? So allergist does a patch test on my back, something like 60 antigens. No response---not even to the positive control. Hmmmm. So, a reduced number of antigens (15?) were tested in a more invasive and reliable test (intradermal injections)---everything negative. So the official conclusion was that I have non-IgE mediated sensitivities. This is what I know about IgE: its role in immunity is all about allergy. In fact; allergy = IgE. So that was surprising.

So what was the outcome? Well first, and hang on you're gonna love this: the allergist who said essentially my problem doesn't seem to be allergy as presently understood offered me a regimen of *5* new allergy meds to add to the two I already use daily.

Oh. I laugh. But its not funny. Back today to the ENT dude with CT films and we've finally decided to go ahead with a septoplasty (for my somewhat fantasticly deviated septum) and a turbinate reduction---same day procedures, general anesthesia, about 1 week to recover to 80%, a couple of months to get completely up to speed. Well---at least this is a strategy to which I can attach some hope of improvement. Unfortunately, its a big year for folks with sinus issues so my first opportunity? Late July, kids. More than another month of this crap.

He also feels we'll need to follow up with a more invasive procedure to address my head-as-a-barometer issue that causes intense pressure in the sinuses behind each eye and headaches whenever big weather systems move throught but baby steps....

So there it is. I'm bummin'.


Special K said...

deviated septum girls unite!

Anonymous said...

Poor Baby...............I'm dealing with a tooth problem....over 6 weeks and now it is gone.....the tooth.....trying to decide what to do next.
Another package on the way.

Take care sweet cousin, love you, Caddy Jean

Don said...

We all have plenty to be thankful for. We just need to remind ourselves of it more often.

I hope you get to feeling better. It is easy to get down when you don't feel well.

Kathy said...

Right you are, Don. (I won't say very far right of you...). In fact, for me, feeling better often requires me to acknowledge that I'm feeling crappy and that its OK, it will pass.

I'm sure it will.

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