Saturday, June 21, 2008

What's on a Desk?

What I'm Finding....

I have a desk. Its big. I do lots of things at my desk. It is home to my (primary) desktop pc, its large flat panel monitor, a subwoofer, the networking and modem hardware for the household network (I'm the network admin, natch). Also legitimately kept on my desk are all of the incoming/outgoing correspondence, bills; materials for propagating (legally) copies of music and other files. A basket of pens and scissors (which are always somehow somewhere else). Stuff you'd need for a long day at your desk: a bottle of hand lotion. Something cute to look at (times a thousand).

From time to time I actually have to remove things from my desk that have languished or been placed there without my permission, and in some cases, completely unbeknown to me. Today, I clean my desk and report. Obviously, I've nothing else to submit. I'm wondering what these things say about me and my life?

1. 13 relatively recently purchased cds that have been ripped to my hard drive, removed from their jewel cases and put into the more efficient storage sleeves I use. Jewel cases are at my feet waiting to be taken to the library for their next life.
2. 23 catalogs that must have come in the mail that the kids didn't recycle before delivering the "real" mail to my desk. They'd be in the trash if not destined for recycling...
3. 1 thingie of Crest Glide (Comfort Plus) Mint flavored dental floss.
4. Digital camera
5. Steroid nasal spray that doesn't work worth a damn.
6. 1 empty prescription bottle (I think its there so I could request a refill...?)
7. digital camera case with minor dog-chewing damage
8. Two ceramic "bells" made for me by Things 1 and 2.
9. One really, really cute Aarikka cell phone holder from Finland. I don't have a phone that will fit anymore but I can't part with it. I keep it hoping I'll find something else to place there---oh! Haley just suggested my glasses! Score! I'll move it to my bed table... (perhaps I should inventory those objects...)
10. One skein of Noro Kureyon sock yarn, one ball of Socks that Rock sock yarn from a frogged sock, one Lamb's Pride wool demo swatch for knitting club (yeah---the one that's been over for two months)
11. One cable needle, one sample packet of no-rinse wool detergent, a stitch marker, bar magnet for knitting charts and a couple of electronic key fob batteries all nestled in an adorable millefiore polymer clay bowl purchased at an American Crafts Council show one year when Rob and I used to be able to attend those. It is really charming.
12. A small spiral bound notebook labelled "Anna... Savings" in Rob's handwriting.
13. One tin of Smith's Rosebud Salve lip balm. Essential.
14. Two spindles of cd media: one with blanks, one with miscellaneous data/software/music content. Its a morass.
15. A rubber band ball.
16. Ceramic frog, wooden bunny, stone turtle (slow and steady wins the race), Groovy Girl doll in cherry outfit (o' course).
17. A pile of legitimate business correspondence awaiting final disposition (sighs).
18. A packet of cutesie knitting-related notecards.
19. A half-full card of pony-tail holders (black, large).
20. Battery charger, AA Ni-MH/Ni-Cd; with batteries.
21. $1.78 in coins.
22. 3 packs of varying cd sleeves.
23. postcard from long lost friend to remind me to call her.
24. "gift card" from a returned gift last August. If I don't use it soon, it will expire and I think its a relatively large amount of money. Gotta go to the mall.
25. 4 copies of Haley's "Annie" performance DVD.
26. 1 roll of hand-tearable packing tape..
27. a partially opened bag of Lindor white chocolate truffles that I was given yesterday.
28. 5 partially used sticky note pads with various notes and numbers that have NO meaning.
28. blister card with two tablets of Benadryl-D.
29. 1 GB USB drive. I think it has all of my work documents...who knows? A surprise for another day!
30. 3 pen caps. No pens.
31. 2 USB 2.0 cables, 1 iPod cable.
32. 1 bottle of Aveda Euphoric essential oil.
33. half-roll of toilet paper
34. lovely art-glass brooch given to me on my birthday last year.
35. Two watches and three pairs of earrings.
35. Garden State DVD
36. Empty pocket sized photo album
37. Two certificates for free iTunes music downloads
38. Envelope containing thank you card for visit with Cousin Eric and family in late April. Written, not addressed.
39. A cd full of music from a friend dated 4/05 with a note asking only that I return it to her when I'd ripped it to my pc. Oops.
40. Netflix DVD (Darjeeling Limited) that I reported as lost in mail (erroneously, it appears) a couple of months ago. Oops.
41. completed registration forms for my knitting club kids. All neatly aligned and grouped should I need them or be able to find them.

I wonder what one might make of this collection? Hmmm.


BrioII said...

Think about keeping your dental floss in a Gripit Floss Holder on your desk. You can see how it works at

These brightly colored little devices are easy to spot and will accomodate the floss of your choice. Their big advantage is that they eliminate the need to put your fingers into your mouth to floss. It can be done right at your desk with no mess.

Drew said...

I think it says you have a really big desk with, apparently, no working space on it. And the CD from 4/05 says that the pile has been growing for some time. Did cataloging your desk help organize it any or is it all still sitting there?

Kathy said...

Actually, I didn't catalog but I was just making the list as I cleared/cleaned...

I can't believe that cd has been here since 4/05; it must have landed here when I unpacked my work boxes just a couple months ago. I hope {-;

So yes; big and now with work space. Thank goodness. It looks so nice now.