Monday, July 28, 2008

Post #400

In honor of this milestone post, I would like to present to you a fresh new blog---written by the younger of my two nieces, Smiles and Pretty Things says as much about the author as it does the subject matter. She's a heck of a niece, that KSM. She's pretty creative and good at math and science, too!

400 Posts? Really? Wow--it doesn't seem like so much but there it is... its been more satisfying than I thought it would be but as you can see from recent tweaks, I still fool with content and appearance. Its kind of like life that way---always an opportunity to try out something else if the mood strikes (except marriage; you need to try really hard to get that right the first time if you can). Funny thing, though; when I looked back to my first "real" post, dated 5/21/06, it was titled, "Lyman on the radio; KHM wants to be a DJ"---so maybe not that much has changed, right?

So that's 400 posts in 28 months for an average of 14 posts per month; not bad, about every other day. Something that I had never anticipated happened recently that brought even more appreciation for wKHM.... I needed to pinpoint the timeframe wherein began my allergy/sinus issues---there it was in early April, my first complaint of the season.

If you stop by and leave a note sometimes, thanks. I like that. But I definitely do this for me. I think I'll just keep on....feel free to hang around.

All Music, All the Time
I wouldn't ordinarily post another music clip but this being such a milestone and all....

Gary Louris -- True Blue

The Louris disc was a giftie for my birthday. It has been pure joy getting to know this music---how organic can music be? Two guys, two guitars, beautiful song---and its all happening right.there. This acoustic track taped at Minnesota Public Radio station sounds every bit as balanced and melodic as the nicely produced, more heavily orchestrated cd release version. So this kind of gets right to the heart of what I'm looking for in great music: something moving in the lyrics and glimpses into the raw creative spirit that produced it.


Lyman said...

Blogs rule.

So do you, congrats.

Anonymous said...

Me too congrats on your blogging. It always makes my day to read my peoples blogs. Hope you are feeling better. LYFE Milo's Nona

jill said...

Oh - I like that an awful lot. Thanks for sharing!

Special K said...

Happy 400!

kathy said...
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KSM said...

So, Auntie, congrats. You are very dedicated to this for such a busy person! I hope you do keep this up. It makes it easy for me to check up on the fambly and see what's new, if I forget to call.
Thanks for your little plug about me...I hope you enjoy it too.
Keep Well.
Love KSM

KHM said...

KSM---I love you. Enormously.

hey---don't forget all the cool music I kick your way!