Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wii Rock!

First, let's all acknowledge the awesomeness that was Lyman Medeiros on The Tonight Show backing Steve Tyrell. Holla, cousin! That was HOT.

Of Summer Fun...

We're expecting every single niece and nephew of mine to converge upon my house for several days soon. In point of fact, adorable nephew D. is flying in tomorrow AM from CA to spend just over a week with my family before his mother, and then HER mother, arrive. I think its going to be hairy. But let it not be said I'm not thinking of silliness to be had.

We bought Rock Band for Wii. Oh.My.god. Really. Oh.my.god. how can there be this much fun in one box? That drum kit? Wild. And really not easy. Really not easy. But we play, and we laugh and Lolly gets booed off the stage a lot 'cuz she's just wailin on the skins in no particular rhythm... In case you're wondering about differences, I really like this Fender Stratocaster guitar more than the Les Paul controller that came with Guitar Hero. First, the Wiimote is integrated into the axe so there's that. Also, the "fret keys" are duplicated just above the heel for rockers with short arms. The play is much more smooth and none of that noisy clicking. So even though I love my Les Paul, its going to be about the Stratocaster from now on. The vocal tracking is cool and I'm thinking I'll mostly be the singer but that's mostly 'cuz I can't stop singing anyway and I can read. The set lists are exciting, more so (in my opinion) than standard Guitar Hero offerings. Rock on! Oh how much fun we've had!

I've lots of cool Auntie stuff lined up for the Danimal; a play, several concerts, tours of DC monuments, libraries and a trip to the brand spankin' new Nationals Park to watch the Nats (hopefully) show the Astros how the game is played. Can't wait. Did I mention that? Dude-- I can't wait.

Ride that Bicycle
Many of you may not know that before Rob became a full-time distraction, I was a fairly serious recreational cyclist. I logged close to 200 miles each week on my road bike and far, far less on my mountain bike. Rob happened and I no longer wished to spend that kind of time away from him and he is really not a bike rider---we tried so know for certain---the boy is not going on many bike rides in his life. So it was with sad heart that a couple of years ago I sold my touring bike---I really did love that bike. Trek 1420 (1992).

Having kids opens up other possibilities for bike riding so I've acquired a cute little Fuji hybrid, changed the grandma seat and handlebars, toe straps to make it more respectable and I'm pretty damn happy with my ride! I'm kind of giddy with excitement! I even took Haley out for a neighborhood ride at about 7:30 AM Sunday morning just to make sure the day didn't get away without a little jaunt. So all three young Mullens have brand new bikes and I'm sure we can all remember how exciting that is.... I think few items meant more to me as a young person---providing a good measure of independence and liberty, fun and adventure. We love summer. Except the whole its-too-damn-hot thing.

Finally, on July 18 I'm having what we can call the roto-rooter surgery. Supposed to address all my various head issues (stop it....right now.) I'm really pinning a lot of hope to the success of this surgery. I signed all my consent forms today, told the doctor I'm a huge weenie about pain and I think we're all good.

Yeah, I knit. But its hard to drum with knitting in your lap...


Special K said...

Oh man, we've been dying for a Rock Band, but keep talking ourselves out of it! Rock on!

I had no idea you were such a hardcore biker! That's cool you're getting into it with your girls. I remember my first bike... ahhhh...

Kathy said...

Oh--guys--totally go get Rock Band. Its such a good time; we're positively fiendish about it! We finally figured out that if we didn't wire the drum kit, Lolly could wail away and enjoy herself without getting us all thrown off the stage. Doesn't sound so pretty but at least our scores go up ;-)

and the bikes--it would be easy to go overboard; Haley loves it as much as I do. Good times.

Don said...

I still like to ride, but it sounds like I am more towards Rob's end of the scale than yours.

As a kid I used to ride everywhere. Me and a cousin used to leave early morning and stay away all day. Probably not safe for kids today to do that, which is a shame. What freedom.

I hope your surgery goes well.