Monday, September 8, 2008


No title, no objective, just posting because I haven't in a long time...

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I think I left off just before August 31 which was the twelfth wedding anniversary for me and Mr. Man.

I've been thinking recently about my experience of marriage really seems to be exceptional; Mr. Man is still the man I'd choose to spend my life with were I making that decision today, he remains completely interesting, funny, intriguing and brilliant to me. He has an even bigger heart than I knew and dude LOVES me.

I wonder if you guys have any thoughts to offer on this because I've actually been thinking that my marriage is not at all the way I thought it might be. I think the popular culture notion is one of boredom and excessive obligation and limited return. In retrospect, in fact, I wonder why I wanted to be married: I think most of our cultural ideas about marriage are negative and have more to do with security and raising families than anything else. Anyone else think so? I'm just here to say that its been a great thing for me and I still think that man is the greatest thing on the planet. (but I will admit that knowing him so well definitely predisposes me to quicker annoyance with his one or two bad habits....)

We were surprised with an invitation for all three girls to spend the day and night with good friend Pilar. Although I'd booked a room for us at The Mayflower downtown and we were both looking forward to an evening out without concern for driving home safely we actually ended up staying home, having take-out by candle light and watching all seven episodes of Generation Kill back to back.

I can't imagine anything nicer. We even went and did a bit of shopping for household decor kinds of stuff. Just two of us, holding hands and finishing our sentences without interruption. It was AWESOME.

Cool Stuff
I found a cool new bloggish kind of website called Language Hat ; it reminds me a great deal of the kinds of discussions I love so much from The Word Nerds podcast. I can't imagine who wouldn't be interested; our language reveals so much about our culture it always amazes me. I wish I listened to The Word Nerds more than I do; competition for listening opportunities is huge. You should check both of those out.

Apple is releasing iTunes 8 tomorrow and it is reportedly a major release with entirely new features. Speculation has been exuberant with the staff of Wired, Gizmodo, Slashdot and TechCrunch all maneuvering to find out as much as they can before anyone else. There seems to be agreement among all of them that this release will see a new product: the subscription service. I dunno, guys: music subscriptions don't make any sense at all to me on the consumer end and not much at the artist end, either. Sure===I know who stands to gain.... it will be interesting to see if Apple can make it fly; others have had really unremarkable results but Apple is the mother of all things consumer ready and slick.

Its been nine months since the Consumer Electronic Show so I've enjoyed the tech buzz around CEDIA 2008 . Seems like the hot thing is going to continue to be applications for mobile devices and greater integration of home computing with entertainment components. Its a very good time to be a gadget girl....


jill said...

I think a lot of the negativity around marriage centers around notions of obligation. When that comes up against the Peter Pan Principle (did I just make that up?), either male or female,* marriage goes from having an, "OMG! I got my driver's license! SO COOL!" vibe to a, "You mean I have to drive grandma to bingo AGAIN?" vibe.

Add that to the fact that people can make some piss-poor choices about whom they choose to spend the rest of their lives with ("OMG! SO CUTE!" instead of, "President of Math Club? Dorks rule!"), and you have a recipe for disaster.

*Though I would argue that men often not only get a pass for behaving like juveniles (e.g. the phrase, "Boys will be boys" seems to be applied to far too many who are far beyond the age of driving or voting), they are often expected to do so.

Anonymous said...

I think it's karma. You were one of the lucky ones that found your soul mate and you both recognized it and appreciated it and acted on it. Half the battle right there. The other half is knowing someone and their faults and loving them anyway because it's part of who they are. Congratulations on 12 years of your life worth working hard for to get the results you love. LYFE Milo's Nona

Donna Lee said...

I have been married for 27 years to my best friend. Yes. My best friend. The person I think of first when something good/bad happens, the person who listens to me rant/cry/laugh/sing and to whom I gladly listen. Marriage has not been a case of diminishing returns for us. In fact, we are still hand-holders and lovers. I am lucky and I know it. So are you. It's good that you notice and appreciate it. Congrats on your anniversary!