Saturday, October 18, 2008


Fun!  that's what it is to be with Niece #2 in the Hudson Valley!

Her college is everything you might have ever heard about Bard--full of very creative, independent and largely politically liberal, smart kids.  In particular, KSM's roommates and friends are so sweet and engaging; it has been much fun.  We had dinner last night with two of her Chinese buddies who were absolutely thrilled to eat what passes for Chinese food with us  in Red Hook.

The campus is also beautiful---loads of deciduous trees, nestled right up against the Catskills---amazing, amazing place to walk about.

We're fortunate enough to have a little mini-kitchen in our room: stove, dishwasher all that so this morning we are taking our time about preparing for the day.  I so loathe having to shower and dress before I've had breakfast or coffee so having these bagels and coffee---heaven.  Soon, though, very soon we will be on our way to Rhinebeck---this whole region is just abuzz with it.  It should be FABULOUS.

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