Friday, November 21, 2008

And now, a message about girls...

Wheee! Who doesn't love primping and pampering? Even some of my fondest male friends are not above a manicure, a little tweaking of the hair in various ways, perhaps some help with sparse eyebrows...

All of my daughters are already indoctrinated in the ways of the obsessively indulged woman. Today, has been girls' day and it began with lunch and manicures; there will be hair and makeovers later. Movies and pie, also. I love little Anna's yellow with red polka dots...the yellow DOES glow in the dark!

I have a couple new products for the makeover session:

I do indeed love powdery foundation-like stuff for evening out skin texture and color and I've used Bare Minerals pretty happily for a while now. You're shocked, I know, because its so natural looking you thought I actually DO have porcelain for skin. No. I have a little cosmetic help. On my recent trip to Birmingham I spent a couple of days with the Makeup Czar, cBFF-A and she pointed out this Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder. Its niiiiiiiice. Its not messy because its a cake down there with a shaver disc over top so you just carve up what you need by a little turn, swirl, tap and voila! And you know what? It feels really refreshing on the skin. And the brush? Heavenly. A makeup girl's dream. Its texture is a bit more fine than the Bare Minerals, not as fine as Mineral Veil so it makes a nice substitute for the former and I feel comfy foregoing the latter in a hurry.

As I get older (!!) I'm increasingly bothered by what I think of as signs of fatigue around my eyes---they're just not as bright and they have shadows in the corners. So I just happened across this other Smashbox product: Eyelight Highlighter. Its a crease-proof pearlescent white cream that is applied to the inner aspect of your lower lid and also to corners, above the brow bone if desired. Srsly? Huge difference. At least to me my eyes look much more bright and (gasp!) youthful. Much less tired looking!

Over the last couple of years, I've put a full stop on department store cosmetics, which I love inexplicably. One: I have far more than I ever use or likely ever will, and Two: no income of my own makes it pretty hard to justify, especially when you consider my yarn, technology and music expenses. So signing that contract was really liberating! Yay!

I love making up my girls' faces. They are all beautiful to begin with so my efforts are rarely disastrous and I sometimes go all Jon Benet Ramsey on them...*shudder*. Its FUN!

Any fun new product finds you need to tell me about? Thanks to Milo's Nonna who recommended Revlon's Lash Fantasy Mascara back in April; I LOVE that. My lashes have never been so full and dreamy...

And now, some girly tunes while I admire my countenance a bit more....

Long Walk -- Jill Scott
Janis Joplin -- Piece of my Heart
Howlin' Wolf -- Built for Comfort
Diane Schuur -- Caught a Touch of Your Love
Cowboy Junkies -- Angel Mine
Dana Owens -- Baby,Get Lost
Corinne Bailey Rae -- Put Your Records On
Eva Cassidy -- I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again
Everything But the Girl -- Love is Strange
Garbage -- Supervixen
Chaka Khan -- Tell Me Something Good


KSM said...

Well, I want a makeup day.

Anonymous said...

On QVC Bare Minerals had a make up line that had powdered champagne diamond dust in it for those special times. It took everything I had not to order it. You know how I love to be sparkily. It should come to a store near you soon. Love the nail polish. Mahvelous. LYFE Milo's Nonna