Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Loose Ends

I've finally enjoyed some of the Thanksgiving feast today: starting right at supper time Thursday, I got a nasty tummy ache that lastd through yesterday. After cooking all day on T-day, its not unusual for me to forgo eating with the family in favor of chatting and sipping wine but I do usually have some of the meal later in the evening. The good news? My gravy, the homemade dinner rolls (YOWZA!), my mother-in-law's super-amazing rutabaga were all spectacular today. And the cheeseball? Yummmmmmm. I love a good feast that lasts for days!

I'm finally building some confidence and pushing away the intimidation and uncertainty with my six-string. It has actually taken a pretty broad approach but its fun. A certain famous rock guitarist has an "online guitar school". Its basically pay as you go video downloads but so far I've found the pace to be good and the instruction thorough. Those segments include some theory chatter but not enough for me; I totally feel the need to wrap my head around the math and patterning of the fretboard so I also grabbed a membership at Guitar Lessons World which has a LOT of guitar theory; it helps me to connect my rusty theory from days gone by to this new instrument. I'm loving it. Finally, because my ear and voice skills could be better, I've also started some training with Practica Musica which is really fantastic for that purpose. I love that it allows you to complete the interactive lessons on either a fret board, keyboard or by writing on a staff---and also to toggle between them. The big surprise for me is the degree to which each of these components mesh with each other. So yeah, there's no one looking at my hand position and giving tips for improvement but truthfully, I doubt I could get this comprehensive instruction and a standard lessons setting. I'm pretty excited.

Kid Photos
Aren't they cute?

Knitters: my Tuesday group is much smaller than the full Thursday group. The four who join me on Tuesday are SO much fun and are really getting the hang of this knitting business. Cute or what?

After what seems like a very long time, this endeavor has become what I'd hoped: a fun time of hanging with the little kids with some easy-paced knitting instruction. Its taken a LOT of tweaking on my part to get the experience right: I've incorporated some knitting related "activity centers" including pc-based video tutorials, cool uses of knitting (remember this?) and snacks, take home materials including fun books and other videos. Also incentives: lots of candy. And music. I'm impressed by how much easier it is to keep calm the kids who are waiting for help when the music is on. Impressed, not suprised. I think for the next session (beginning in January, I think) I'll acquire some low-cost drop spindles and have them begin to think about where it is yarn comes from and the ability to express your creativity deeper in the knitting process. Fun times! All of my knitters this go-round are third- and fourth-graders so I'm pretty certain I have a couple of years with them to explore fiber arts!

Sneaky Mommy Stuff
I don't know how much, if any, holiday knitting there will be because I am totally jazzed about a sewing project. Check this:

Yeah. Can't wait for the kids to head back to school so I can get the party started! As of Christmas Day they'll each be the proud owners of at least 2 American Girl dolls each so there's lots to be done.

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