Monday, November 10, 2008

Parenting and Politics in the Pixar Era....

You've got to love Pixar: their work is topical, stunning and appeals to (at least these) adults as much as their kids. There's something about the short below that really calls to mind what I think happened with the GOP and their candidates this year.... just me? Great for an extra evil chuckle, isn't it?

I was reminded of that one after having my attention directed to this one which also features Pixar's CGI talents vis-a-vis our fine feathered friends:

I'm beginning to feel like Pixar has some kind of grudge against birds... I also discovered this trailer for their next feature:

Makes me wonder if there will be any Oz subtext in the story line, right?

Wall-E is being released on DVD next Tuesday---don't miss it; its fantastic. We have pre-ordered and will hold our first screening Thanksgiving Day. Wanna join us?

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KSM said...

I, personally, am a pixar fanatic. For some reason the movies and shorts (love the shorts) all appeal to this weird college chick. But you know that.