Monday, December 15, 2008

The Year in My Music

I'm an under-utilized analytical machine, this is a fact. In the absence of very many serious analytical questions lately, I decided to leverage the huge wealth of information stored in iTunes about how/when/where/what I listen to. I've been surprised.

iTunes users know that very much of their listening experience is recorded: not merely information about the music itself but when it was added to your library, when it was last listened to (date AND time), how many times its been played... I thought it might be an informative way to characterize the relative value of particular purchases and go a bit further in zeroing in on the music that makes me happy. There are mulitple ways I listen to music but by and large, all of them hook into my iTunes data in some way: my Apple devices all dump their data, my Squeezeboxes all do as well, ditto for listening from my pc. This leaves only radio listened to in the car and the occassional play of actual cds; both fairly atypical.

Here's the high level summary:
Total number of unique songs played: 5,261
Total number of song plays: 68,613
Est. of play time in minutes: 3431 hours (using average play time of 3.5 min/song).

This works out to about 10 hours of music play time per day over the last year. Even to me, this seems like a lot. Not excessive...but... certainly validation of my claims that I spend a LOT of time listening. I wonder how these numbers stack up against others?

*should note that every night I drift off to sleep with the 'pod playing; usually for about an hour...

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