Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day After...

I hope that the Bush family all slept in late in Crawford. I hope they're enjoying being relieved of their 24-7 official duties. I hope most of all that Laura Bush gets her life back the way she likes it. I hope they never come back. This is one of my favorite images from the remarkable day yesterday:

Now, I hate to be catty and I know that there are those who will disagree with me but I thought that Dr. Mrs. Biden's outfit for the inaugural ceremony was AWFUL and completely inappropriate. On what was the official event of one of our Nation's most historic days her above-the-knee hemline with 3-inch heeled boots (suede, I think, even! All she needed was some fringe off the back!) revealed an amazing lack of decorum. And futzing about with her handbag all day, wrestling with her coat as she approached the White House...really... And the Vice-President showing none of the effortless attentiveness to his wife that the President did for the First Lady. It seemed to me that Mr. President just intuitively knew exactly where his wife was, whether she might need an arm for support or a brief pause to keep in time... Mr. VP? Not so much. Dr. Ms. Biden, however, did look absolutely lovely in her red gown which was sophisticated and quite spot-on. Mrs. Obama's was a bit, too, uh... debutante for me. Might have been OK without the flouncy ruffles on the shoulder strap, better still without what looked like bedspread flocking... admittedly, it had fantastic drape and hung beautifully as she moved about.

I loved the original artistic contributions of the day, "Air and Simple Gifts" and "Praise Song for the Day". I wish that Elizabeth Alexander might have shared with us a fraction of the joy she surely felt and which YoYo Ma so delightfully put on display.

It was a weepy day again: overjoyed, relieved, hopeful. I was very moved by Mr. Obama's remarks, taken by his courage in being so forthright about what has gone wrong very recently in the immediate presence of those responsible... you know at one point, I'm pretty sure I heard Mrs. Bush say, "oh! Snap! No he di'int!" Did you guys catch that, too?

But my favorite, favorite, favorite thing about all of the televised aspects of the coverage? Malia Obama with her little camera taking photos of everything, and most especially, of her handing her camera to the Vice-President and asking him to snap a shot when he had a better vantage point than she... how cute is that?

The Daily Show had a great recap and had Bishop Gene Robinson on for a spot that happened to be one of the most hilarious comebacks from a guest on that show:

And today, the four-day weekend came to an end and I must say, I collapsed. We all had a great time, stayed pretty busy and I don't really have all the endurance for that just yet. I did *finally* get to put together a new piece for my Etsy shop. What do you think? Its "Murano-style" glass with 14 kt gold accenting rounds and twisted hogan beads. I really, really like it. I'll have to have a photo-shoot day after I get a pile more stuff made but for now, a crappy iPhone photo it is.

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