Thursday, February 5, 2009

You're kidding, right?

Happily driving along last night to drop off new items for the A Sparkle in Time shop to be photographed, I found myself listening to NPR coverage of Pres. Obama's plan to cap salaries for executives of institutions on the receiving end of bailout funds---at $500,000 per year. Its a ceiling I think many could (should?) live with. I'm very displeased to learn that very many of the institutions who have already received part of those 700 billion bucks have allowed for lavish bonuses, renovations, etc. Mr. Obama was being tactful when he said those decisions were "shameful". I think, perhaps, they might represent criminal disregard for the objectives of the assistance.

You might imagine I was *FIRED UP* (should have changed the station...) and then these total dillweed analysts (more like trumped up PR folks for those at risk of losing their megasalaries) offered their perspective on the likely outcome of those salary caps:

"[Impacted executives] might leave to find jobs where they are paid more, that's my concern, that the restrictions are so deep that the leadership won't stay," Lindner told AFP."

he argued that the move "may have some consequences," such as "not being able to get the kind of leadership the organizations need to recover quickly.""
Excuse me a moment while I recover, won't you?

So we should be worried that the nogoodsonsabitches that created the mess, profiting mightily with apparent impunity, might take their marbles and go somewhere else? Make my f*cking day. Vaya con dios. Get the hell out. I can not believe that those "analysts" have the temerity to stand before microphones, reporters, the world and likely the course of history and say something so deeply self-serving and misguided. These are the days, gentle readers, when its a very good thing that I do not own a handgun. Go ahead, big banker boys, go somewhere else. Work your "magic" and your "highly specific skill sets", your "expertise" elsewhere. How about China? Maybe you could do for them what you've done for us ( for us what you've done for them...).

Happier stuff
I met with the coordinator/sponsor of our ES's drama club today. I'm going to help with costumes and I'm very psyched about it. They're doing Beauty and the Beast and what I saw of rehearsals its going to be fabulous.

Knitting Club starts back up next week and I'm ever so grateful for Marietta who has given in to my whining and will back me up for the first two sessions since the early days are always so frenetic.

I'm loving my new Rockin' Sock Club project, Queen of Beads. Take a look at these babies:

Its a bit difficult to discern but the pattern is lattice work diamonds creating negative-space ovals, all punctuated with little clusters of glass beads. Obviously, these will be wear around the house to keep your feet warm socks, not squish into your boots socks. The pattern, and the yarn, colorway, are just delightful. Good thing, too, because I just finished the last installment of the 2008 sock club and despite the fact that they feel great and the yarn is pretty, they're the ugliest damn socks I've ever made and the pattern was a PITA. To finish this first sock I have just about 2 inches more of the foot before beginning to shape the toe. They'll be on my feet soon enough!

I hope you're all warm and well!


Special K said...

I heard that show too - ARG! 18 billion, was it, in bonuses?

A cap at 1/2 a million a year sounds ok to me - hard to imagine anyone turning it down...

KHM said...

$18.4 billion in bonuses. I really am aghast, K; I can't believe any one could accept bonuses knowing that not only was their institution, but the entire market (globally!) was on the brink of collapse!

Lyman said...

Silly Kathy, rich people don't pay taxes or suffer in times of economic need. That garbage is only for poor folk.