Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here I Am

I've been gone a long time. I haven't had much to say. Lots of headaches, lots of medicine, trying to make it all work together to not get headaches; that's the whole story. BOR-ing, demoralizing, unnerving. Doctor tells me that its not a coincidence that migraine patients always also have depression and anxiety problems because its part of a serotonin complex... whatever. Whether its cause or effect is something she has yet to convince me of. But I don't doubt that there's a tight association.

Good Stuff
Have you guys checked out Spectacle with Elvis Costello on the Sundance Channel? I've caught about eight episodes so far and its pretty quirky; I dig it. Elvis is not a natural interviewer by any stretch but his head is so full of musical and pop-culture reference that if he has a chatty guest the conversations can get pretty excellent. Some of the best I've seen were with Lou Reed and surprisingly, former US President Bill Clinton. Costello handled him with the same respect of any other guest but wasn't too fawning and Clinton was a bit more relaxed than usual. What I enjoy most in this series comes as a complete surprise: I really like listening to Costello and his band in this kind of loose and funky live environment much more than I like any of his recorded stuff which is saying a good bit. If you get a chance to watch, make sure you size up the band closely, there's very often some star talent there without much introduction or mention

[Excuses me a minute: Buble's band is workin' out the break in Kissin' a Fool. I wish that weren't so good]. OK, I'm back now. Check out the show if you can; the guest lineup is solid and I've caught Christian McBride in the band twice; Pat Metheny once... its kind of breathtaking.

Funny thing: my photographer really likes my jewelry; good thing since that's how I "pay" her. I get lots of shoppers, not many buyers. Etsy offers a social networking kind of experience so I've been tagged as a favorite by several Etsyers...but no cold sales yet. I'm not losing hope yet and I continue to expand my designs.

I like the creating part so its hardly sacrifice. I haven't had everything photographed but check these as my current favorites. Its hard to tell what you'll be able to discern on your browser but in real life, I love the gentle slope of the gold ear wires, the tight coils against the bead and the angle the bend in the ear wire---I've always loved jewelry that approached art and I'm stunned to have actually created some myself.

A couple of weekends ago I took a very intense class in wireworking; we produced a chunky charm bracelet with really fantastic, modern, handmade charms and beads. I need to get mine photographed and share. Exciting stuff.

I have guests heading this way! Dave and the Tuominator will be here just in time to celebrate Dave's birthday AND have a ritual Thursday sushi (likely accompanied by too much beer which will make it lucky that T. will be tagging along so he can drive; thanks!). And my MOMMY. All by her lonesome because sometimes its more fun when she comes solo. As it turns out, Rob will be out of town for most of her visit, the girls will be out of school so we'll just be wild girls and do whatever we want whenever...if you read of scandalous girl folk in the Maryland suburbs of DC...believe every minute of it!


jill said...

A few years back, EC did an interview of Joni Mitchell for Vanity Fair - it was mindblowing.

KHM said...

but you don't like my earrings? Careful, missy! I've been hanging around with Bossi, you know. It could get ugly.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back and full of piss and vinegar as always. I hope all your new headache trials and tribulations work out in your favor. The earrings are davoon! LYFE Milo's Nonna

KHM said...

I am a comitted pisser. LYFE, Milo's Nonna.