Tuesday, March 31, 2009


That's all I can say of that Scott fellow on American Idol and his performances. Rob and I seriously even doubt that he's blind. You know what I think? I think he's some kind of agent...all the judges rave over his performances (even when they totally suck (which is almost always))...I wonder if the American Guide Dog Association has some sort of operation going on here. Dude--he totally oversung "Just The Way You Are" and he was missing notes all over the place. And we've not yet begun to discuss the sacred canon that is the Holy Works of Billy Joel (All Hail and Pass the Scotch).

Birthdays and Happy Things
Today would be the birthdays of my BFF Dave in Canada (far far away) and my good friend Jill (much nearer and that is greatly appreciated and of immense value). Happy Days.

I'm way way down to about 25% of the Topamax, feel much more lucid and able to get things done. I had a headache late today, a little Frova and short nap---good to go. So we'll see...will the light dose of Topamax change the character of my headaches sufficiently to allow me to manage them with limited impact? That would be cool.

Two days till Mom!

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