Sunday, March 1, 2009


I've purchased some "feature" time on for Wednesday and I've therefore been furiously making some new pieces and trying to get them nicely photographed (thank you, Regina ). Sometimes, it just happens that ideas find YOU and I love it when that happens. Happen it did last night and I've made some things that are entirely different than I usually do.

(please note: these are MY interim crappy photos. Regina's will be fabulous and that's why she's a professional photographer and I'm not).

What we've got here are hand wrought 14kt gold plated copper wire earring wires and design elements with both rose agate beads and rose glass with gold foil discs.

I love them. I will likely keep one pair and perhaps both. They are near perfection so far as my taste in jewlery goes: funky, artsy and still of fine materials. I love the morass of wire wrap, the geometry of the hanger and loops. The wire was very difficult to work with as copper is very hard and this was 18 ga; my hands are kinda cut up. I ordered some other stuff that should be better and have more typical color; these will be on the pricey end of my stuff---likely about $35. Fair enough for good quality hand-crafted stuff, though. I spent a lot of time on these and the materials were NOT inexpensive at all.

My photog requested a few items as her bartered compensation that kind of pushed me down some new paths and I'm pretty excited with the ideas I've come up with; I have models ready for her to review and as soon as I have something, I'll be very excited to show you.

Head still hurts, still knitting. Never heard back from the doc about this weekend's treatment which was beyond a bummer

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