Thursday, April 30, 2009

On my footsies...

I've been knitting lots of socks. And I shall be so immodest to suggest to you that they are the most awesome socks I've ever knit. Let me warm you up with the January offering from the Rockin' Sock Club, My Blue Heaven yarn colorway and Queen of Beads pattern by Sivia Harding. Freaking gorgeous; the depth of color in this blue/purple study is really awesome:

This was hugely exciting for me because I was pretty "meh..." about the club last year: first several selections blew (IMO) but finished strong with very very lovely fall and winter selections. And then, dear readers, came the March package. Oh oh my. Colorway is called Gertrude Skein, the most outrageous blend of rose hues---some bright, some not. All together just amazing to look at. And then the pattern: Rogue Roses by the Yarn Harlot herself, Stephanie McPhee. This pattern is faaaaaabulous. These are definitely, without a doubt the very best looking socks I've ever knit. Check these:

From the picot cuff to the wandering roses and lace border running all the way to the toe, these socks have really captured my heart. My picture kind of sucks so let me tell you, the design is vines and pretty. I even ordered an extra skein so I can knit a pair for one of my sisters.


jill said...

Gaw-jusss, my dear.

You may have tempted me into the soul-sucking snoozefest that the picot sock hem has always appeared to me to be. It is very cute.

KHM said...

oh, the whole sock is pure delight... you must allow yourself this bit of joy!