Thursday, September 24, 2009

Whoops! I Did it Again...

After last November's presidential election I decided to hold my tongue on matters political because I was just simply worn down. I've enjoyed the respite and I'm not finished with it. But I made an "oops" (that's what first-graders are taught to say about errors of handwriting, manners, etc at our school). I posted this video on my Facebook page:

I just "shared" it off of Lyman's page because I thought while it was hilarious, it was also the most candid anyone has been about what *I* think (and most reasonable people agree...) is the root of the problem and what must be modified if we hope to make things better for people who need improved access to health care. IT WAS FUNNY. I posted it because it is funny. And because that actor who plays Don Draper is completely hot.

Oh, no. Oh, no, nonononononoono. Out come those "friends" from Facebook---you know, the ones you knew a little in high school and when their friend request popped up you thought, "what the hell; why not?". In general, I've been really happy with getting virtually reacquainted with these folks and all of them have gone on to have really nice lives, turned into real people and aren't much like the categories we all get squished into in high school. But I got pounced on. So badly, in fact, that I had to run to Lyman and scream "heeeeellllllpppp!". And he did (thank you soooooo much, Lyman!).

Anyoldhow, by way of this post I'm renewing my intention to be quiet about politics because I'm happier that way. And some people, no matter how nice and respectful you try to be, are always either insulted or insulting when those topics are opened up.

In what I hope was the final post of that thread I wrote that I thought people don't really talk to each other about their political ideas any more in the US, we just vent frustration by verbally assaulting each other with whatever tagline is attached to our position by the pundit du jour. I think this is a very bad thing. I think its a bad thing that I'm not talking about politics here, I think its a bad thing that people don't trust each other enough to say, "I'm not so sure I believe that"...that we choose instead to berate and and vilify those who have something else they'd like to offer for consideration. We don't advance our understanding by speaking only to those we know will agree. (although I did find it very enlightening to share some ideas with a grad school buddy who approaches the matter from a medical practice/quality of care perspective. And Lyman said a really really smart thing about the capitalization of medicine not benefitting the patient and therefore not truly fitting the consumer model. Excellent food for thought.)


Special K said...

Dang, some of those people were total a-holes on your Fb. That would have led to a major "unfriending" session for me! (: You?

KHM said...

Nah. I don't unfriend (ok, only once) but I *do* hide people in Filters... one of those people had already disappeared from status updates, etc but I think its time to be more aggressive.

how sad. Aholes, fo'shizz.

Don said...

I agree with you regarding not being able to speak your mind without being verbally assulted.

What I find ironic is that you say that after the beatings I took over some of our political discussions and disagreements. It got so bad I know longer receive comments by you and others even over non-political issues.

KHM said...

Hello, Don! Actually, I think I always behaved rather well and handled things respectfully in those threads. Sorry you feel otherwise. I've definitely made it a point to avoid the virtual places that might rile me so I've taken a long hiatus from most blogs---I don't even tune into Milo Medeiros' blog more than a couple times per month. Its not any more deliberate than that...further, there's been a big shift in traffic at Facebook; lots of us have had our internet traffic snared by that trap...

I trust you're all well in Indy...sure hope so.

Don said...

As in other things, I guess we just see things differently. But I am thick skinned and hold no grudges. I accept that sometimes in political/religious discussions people are passionate about their believes and that few really intend to be hurtful. I also understand that in forums such as a blog or email comments can easily be misunderstood.

I will not let myself get caught up in Facebook. I don't have an account and don't intend to.

We are doing well in Indy, thanks.

I hope your health is improving.