Monday, November 9, 2009

Greetings from Tampa

Some time around Saturday November 1, my 93 year old grandmother took her final leave of this world. Sitting up in her favorite chair in front of the television, it appears that she simply nodded off watching her favorite show and that was the end...very peaceful, hands folded in her lap, an easy look about her face.

Thanks to everyone for your remembrances of Grandma. She was a nice, silly woman who loved all of us so well. Its quite a privilege to enjoy one's grandmother into their mid-40's and I know for certain she made my life a bit brighter in many ways.

Things are quieter now in Tampa that a number of family members who arrived for family time together have gone back to their homes. I'm looking forward to going home myself as soon as we have things a bit more organized and decluttered at Granmda's---she was nothing if not a the most lovely of ways, of course.

So many photos, special letters, surprising finds. These have been lovely days of saying good-bye.

And did I mention the new tattoos, the evening at the hookah bar? Nice stuff, too!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait till you're home and settled and call with more details of all of the goings on in Florida. Your Grandma was a really sweet and nice woman that got to live a long pretty healthy life. I hope everything is going well there with the end of life things that the family always has to go through. Love to you all. LYFE Cousin Nonna