Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympics 2010 ... thus far

bah. People slipping, sliding, being shot out of cannons onto slippery, cold places and expected to do tricks, land, do it faster than anyone else. BOR-ing. Snowboarding DOES look fun, though... and Shaun White is so adorable.

But the figure skating! Although I find the pairs really dull, I looooooved me some men's figure skating. Far be it from me to notice, but is it not true that those men skaters all have really awesome bootys? I loved the skating, especially the short program for its momentum---the long program can get, well, long. I think there were very few that didn't have me a little yawnish except for the biggies---Lysacek, Plushenko, Weir, Oda.

I love Johnny Weir. I love his commitment to doing things the way he pleases, I love his determination to be himself---as conflicted as he might be about that. His costumes RAWKED and he skated like a MoFo. In my opinion, the NBC commentators behaved as though he wasn't even a legitimate competitor until late in his fantastic long program.

So much fawning over Lysacek--so much made of a supposed rivalry between EL and Plushenko--- Lysacek may have outskated the others but let me tell you, the distinction between the top six skaters is largely imperceptible to me. I did have my favorite performances, though. Evan's costume sucked. He has greasy hair. Bleh.

There were many references (from Fleming and Hamilton) to "Weir's sound bytes" intended to distract the media from...whatever. All I can say for certain is that every time I've heard Lysacek speak of Weir, he has made snide innuendos about Weir's image and implications for his personal life. Dude looks like a lady? So what?! EL might have won a gold medal but you won't convince me he has any grace.

Is it just me or is Stephane Lambiel just beautiful in a very manly way?


Lyman said...

I loved Lysacek. That dude's a stud.

Weir is great too. Can you imagine the throngs of boys and old queens that line up to hit on that guy? I bet we can't even fathom it.

KHM said...

Agreed; all great. Weir: more fun, personally preferred his performances more. That's pretty much the classic skating as sport vs. performance argument.

Its clear I'm not much of a sports fan, right? No active distaste for it but I love a show and I love performers.

Weir will *definitely* have more offers than he could possibly deny. I hope he has fun (and acts responsibly)!