Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update: Sweet Lindsay

We're a week home under our own management: FAIL. We've been testing her blood at least six times every day and we've seen 3 glucose levels in our target range. Not only that: we've been in the scary high glucose ranges more often than not. And we've been seeing some ketones in her urine. Bad, bad, bad.

Endocrinologist has adjusted her insulin twice; she is in utter disbelief that these high numbers could be valid given proper counting of carbohydrates and calculation of dosage. Not so subtle subtext: either Rob and I are dumbasses or Lindsay is eating on the down-low. I'm not buying it.

We're going to consult with another endo to see what another clinician might think. That's all I know. Except I'm tired: I'm tired of being the Mommy who does all the meal planning, research and portion control, gives shots AND gets to be the target of Lindsay's frustration.

I want a vacation.


Melissa said...

I wish I could or say more then I am thinking about you. I am here if I can help with anything at all. Lunch next week? Maybe a bottle of wine?

Don said...

Unfortunately Mommys don't get a vacation no matter how much they need one.

Hang in there. Hopefully you will get her glucose levels stablized soon.

Beth E. said...

Sometimes the human body just doesn't work by the numbers . . . calculations or no . . . I hope Lindsay's condition is improving and that you are finding the right combination of doctors to help.