Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello April 14!

I am somewhat less tired, frustrated, tired, overwhelmed, tired than yesterday. That's better.

You know what there hasn't been enough of in my life? Commentary on this season's American Idol from anyone other than my husband or our pre-pubescent daughters. So one interpretation could be that we're all tired of it or that none of the contestants are very exciting. Whaddya think?

Personally, I love Crystal Bowersox. She's got the right stuff. If she doesn't win...well, it will be just like every other season of Idol where the "winner" is determined by 13-year olds whose parents have paid for unlimited texting plans on AT&T.

Which brings me to what I think might be the most remarkable thing about Idol this season: how much of that show can they sell for product placement, endorsements, performance time, exposure of key players' breaking artists? Seriously--I think 20 years from now what Idol will be remembered for is its sky-is-the-limit approach to selling portions of their show and packaging all of those marketing ploys into the actual entertainment...crazy. But we sit there and eat that messaging up...

Rob thinks I'm cynical. I think he must have some financial interest in Ford or Coca-Cola...

In other pop culture happenings, Treme premiered on HBO Sunday. David Simon's newest project it is expected to be the story of a handful of musicians and other performers trying to scratch up a living in post-Katrina N'awlins. The cast is full of old friends from previous Simon projects and it looks like some really interesting character work. If the first week was any indication, some great jazz (and I don't mean old school New Orleans Pete Fountain swing...) is part of the plan, too. Whether it evolves into the incredible social commentary we love so much from Simon's previous works is something we'll have to give time. I will tell you that it has already changed my thinking in one way: when I die, ya'll please make sure to assemble what ever kind of second line you can manage, OK? I love, love, love the opportunity this show represents to put great contemporary jazz center stage. I hope Simon takes that and runs with it.

Report from the Garden
Beth's dogwood is in full blossom; very very pretty though decidedly crooked. My lillies-of-the-valley are pushing up through their mulch blankets in the sunnier spots, still snug in the shady places. Anna's Yoshino cherry is aflame with flowers, Lindsay's Stellate Magnolia about finished as is our baby Japanese Magnolia. We lost our two evergreens in front of the house from the weight of the winter snow: I think I will replace them with something to remind me of my Grandma. No idea yet what that will be...


Special K said...

What DO pre-pubescent youngsters think about Idol this season?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Crystal person and the other gal - Shioban or something? I don't like the dudes so much but I do like tattoo-neck. (I have a hard time learning everyone's names...)

Wow, you have some nice trees. We have only a gigantic Oak in the front which puts the whole front in the shade, for better or for worse, and a struggling dogwood that never blooms (see: Oak).

KHM said...

I love Lee Dewyze more than Andrew ("tattoo neck) but agree that A has a great sounding voice.

My pre-pubescent daughters think that Lee is hot (and I kinda agree), that Tim's eyes are scary-about-to-pop-out and that both he and that little guy need to go home SOON. They're a little bored with Katie (time to call Disney, honey) and with Big Mike's constant hand signs...

When we bought our house, the subdivision was brand new and nearly barren---we all had two evergreens at the front and a flowering something or other. Our backyard was barren so I started out planting a tree as part of our girls' first birthday celebrations. Then we stopped having kids and I wanted more trees :) so I planted the Japanese Magnolia for me and the pink dogwood in memory of Beth.

I don't think I can ever leave. I love our trees.