Sunday, October 24, 2010

MIL fell, Husband went to some place higher in the sky than Denver (Keystone?), MIL had to go to the ER in an ambulance because she was having chest pain. Thing 2 told me she'd been having recurring pain in her left chest about 5 times every day for about 5 minutes at a time, so bad she was having trouble breathing through them. Husband came home in time to belatedly celebrate his birthday in between taking Thing 2 to the ER for an episode of chest pain and checking out short term rehabilitation facilities in which to place his mother for convalescence.

Wore my boots for the first time this autumn looked great, feet hurt. Ate first meal of the day at about 6 PM when absolutely ravenous and as TOT's blood glucose plummeted so low it was looking like time for rescue glucagon.

Stopped at store to buy occlusive dressings for TOT's glucose sensor, filled Thing 2's prescription for medication, downloaded form for School Health Room staff so she can take it at school. Presented Husband with birthday gifts, interrupted by late night door bell which can only mean one thing on October 24: we've been boo'ed. Dismayed to see all three girls abandon their Dad's modest and delayed birthday celebration. Opened door to collect dollar store Halloween treats and allowed dogs to escape. Nobody wants to go keep MIL's dog company.

Less than 12 hours until all of these people leave my house and it becomes conceivable that some of this madness will stop.


Melissa said...

um, yeah, speechless but thinking of you.

Melissa said...
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KSM said...

... I love you and I hope you are so freed of madness that full sentences will return.