Thursday, June 8, 2006

Boys of Summer

Some people know that my husband, Rob, had a brief professional baseball career which was ended by an elbow injury. He was a pitcher. He also played quarterback for a while at UCLA until he signed away his NCAA eligibility with the Brewers. Yesterday the Nationals signed Colten Willems, a right-handed pitcher from the Archbishop Carroll College Preparatory High School for Boys. Rob spent his last year of high school there and was quite a huge fish in that small pond, getting invites to work out with the Mets at their spring training camp which was nearby. I wonder what those priests know about baseball talent...

I wonder how Rob is taking the news... personally I'm very happy that very few of my early dreams came true (you know, be careful what you wish for, you may get it....)but I think it must be hard to go from being a huge athletic talent to being someone who *used* to be a huge talent. What's more, Rob doesn't even have little boys who might have been lucky enough to get some of those great throwing genes---all our little girls throw are tantrums. But Anna really is becoming quite the good little soccer player and at 3 years of age, Lindsay has pretty good footwork as well. Besides---who would have imagined me ending up with a jock-husband?

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