Friday, June 9, 2006

The beginning of a weekend

"Float Like a Butterfly" - Winard Harper (Come into the Light, 2004)

Well---Fridays off are never as restful as people think they might be. I had a handful of errands to complete today and it took about 4 hours of constant running around. I came home sweaty and tired and, yes, with an aching right heel. Just like every other day in the last six months. I'm pretty annoyed about the pain and that I really didn't understand how the ESWT procedure was going to complicate matters in the short term and provide relief (if) only in the long run. I'm very annoyed I didn't know that.

So let's see at 2:43 pm, I'm home with most of the out-of-the-house family needs taken care of for the day. Additionally, I have a new haircut (not sure what I think about it), groomed finger- and toe-nails (a must) and perfectly shaped eyebrows. I also have comfy lounging clothes for what I hope will be a late afternoon full of nice music and knitting. But the two big (and noisy) girls will be home at 4:00 so I'm going to have to find some way to concentrate the experience of luxurious idling... so it goes, right?

The Weekend

Not much going on tonight, maybe we'll have a mommy slumber party. I'm hoping to take the girls to the pool tomorrow if we ever receive our pool passes from the managment company. I love to take the girls late in the afternoon and stay until the pool closes; it gets kind of quiet and peaceful and I can read and listen to music while the girls play very happily. Sunday there's a bday party at a friend's pool and the promise of mojitos after most of the kiddie celebrating is done.

Home pc maintenance

I have a handful of home pc problems that I need to take care of. I need to find some way to allow Haley some internet access on her own pc (which is not currently networked) without putting her at risk of stumbling into bad stuff. I'm sure there's lots of options out there, I just haven't spent any time evaluating them against my own concerns/objectives.

My music library is kind of a mess. I have two external hard drive with uncompressed wav files; they're organized by artist and album name but wav files don't have id3tags. I thought that when I first set up these hard drives I'd gone through and tagged everything as I created my seperate iTunes library. Apparently not, though. Some of my song titles are screwed up and some of my music didn't make it into iTunes. With a very large music collection, its a nasty kind of problem to sort out and the solution isn't particularly fun, either. But I'm kind of annoyed that I couldn't listen to my Winard Harper cd the other day so its got to be done. Had you guys heard of him before? He's the real thing, if you're into straight-ahead jazz. A really remarkable drummer with a good feel for leading his ensemble.

I finally got my bluetooth adapter working the way it should so now I need to go through the photo files I pulled in from my phone and organize those somehow. That should be little more manageable. Finally, I have to figure out how to export my phone's contact list en masse to the contacts list in Rob's car phone application. If Lexus thinks that their customers ought to send each phone number, one by one, into that tool they're completely nuts. And I don't think they are. Its probably an issue to take up on the Motorola end...

I guess that's it. The family will be here soon to begin the weekend fun, the Homeowner's people called to say they're going to personally drop our pool passes off in our mailbox. Let the knitting, the tinkering and mayhem begin.

I almost forgot!

This Sunday night at 10:00 pm EDT, the third season of Entourage kicks off. I've missed Turtle and Ari. I can't wait.

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