Sunday, June 11, 2006

Jon Stewart: One Smart Man

"Nothing from Nothing" - Billy Preston (The Kids & Me, 1974)

I'm a little slow in getting to my favorite TV shows but one show I try to stay up with is Jon Stewart's Daily Show. I find he transcends political partisanship although clearly a liberal kind of guy and he calls a spade a spade. He's less caustic than Bill Maher and avoids making his guests uncomfortable. But he makes his point. I love Jon Stewart and its too bad he's married because he's the perfect guy for my co-best friend Asia. Plus, if they did hook up, I'd get to have him over for dinner at my house. That would be cool.

So here's what's inspired me today. Recently he had Willliam Bennett on. You could tell Mr. Bennett came thinking he was going to take the wind out of Stewart's sails but nope---Jon practically eviscerated him. It was FABULOUS--factual, articulate and funny--- and I laughed so hard. You should check it out too. Comedy Central makes linking to their videos pretty difficult so you'll have to do this: Click here, then select Videos in the left upper part of page.

Select Daily Show - Colbert in the right upper part of the pop-up window

In the Search box type "gay marriage". The clip I'm talking about is indexed with a photo of Mr. Bennett. Click on play and enjoy. Nothing from Nothing, indeed.


Melissa said...

Hi Kathy! Where are you? You can't skip a day! I am waiting to hear about the girls last days of school and summer plans :) This is a great way to keep up with you and the family. Thanks for sharing with us!

Kathy said...

The girls are SO wound up with last days of school craziness that I didn't think I could say anything about them that sounded maternal.

But I could describe my feelings about them last as follows:

Remember National Geographic specials or Mutual of Omaha "Wild Kingdom" shows? Well, I have this image of a Mommy-cub taking her great big paw and swatting her offending cub and holding her/him down. I wanted to do that last night with all three of them but not even Lindsay is small enough for that. I just grabbed my book and went to bed.

Melissa said...

I can't imagine your kids not being perfect little angels :) Especially my little Anna!

I hope to see you all this week!