Sunday, June 4, 2006

Well, I'm a-standin' on the corner in Winslowe, Arizona

"Take it Easy" - The Eagles (Greatest Hits, 1971 - 1975)

My parents are in the middle of a great American trip: across the country in an RV, taking their sweet time and doing whatever-the-heck they feel like as they go. They left Tampa on May 3 and are now in Sin City. A couple of days ago they were in Winslowe, AZ when it occurred to Dad that he was standing in front of a train station he had visited with his parents on a cross-country train voyage in the early 1950's. In my youth I made a handful of cross-country trips with my folks as well. I was kind of knocked out thinking about the arc of my father's life---taking these great trips to see the US as a boy, taking his own family in the middle 70's and now with his wife as retired folks, buying post cards and souveneirs for the grandchildren. {Pause}. What a guy. I can only hope that he and Mom will turn over their digital photos and journals and let me post a blog for them so that maybe one day I can take these little Mullen girls and their Daddy to see all of our beautiful country.

But perhaps not while petrol is hovering at $3 a gallon...

My post-procedure right foot is killing me today; too much giddy activity with the neices. I had to cancel our dinner plans with Joe, Lynne and Asia. I think I had to cancel a lunch date with them when my neices and nephews surprised me with a holiday visit in late December. They're probably annoyed. Because music soothes the savage beast and Joe likes his mellow,

"I Don't Know Why" - Norah Jones (Come Away With Me, 2002)

What a voice, eh?

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