Monday, June 5, 2006

Where's my Muse?

I'm supposed to be wrapping up my work in writing a textbook chapter. I was supposed to do that Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today. In fact, I've had, ummm, MONTHS to work on this one silly chapter. Guess what? Its not done. Because I haven't done it, that's why. And the Textbook-Chapter-Writing-Fairies have not come to my bedroom and taken the back issues of People magazine I've left as payment and zapped the document into my pc. I wonder what I'm doing wrong? But since as recently as this morning I told my colleague she had every reason to believe I'd email it to her by the end of the day, I need to get crackin'!

"Me and Bobby McGee" - Janis Joplin

I'm feelin' 'bout as faded as my jeans. I guess I'm hoping for some serious mojo to see me through this. I've been reading some "inspirational" writing about public health surveillance and its helping, I think. Its just hard to type with a handful of Cheez-Its, singing the harmonica part.

I think its just plain odious that our President is talking about Constitutional ban on gay marriages. Its actually too infuriating to think about much. As a country we need to find some way to remove the religious concerns from this discussion and do what the law is *supposed* to do and protect the legal rights of persons who choose to join their lives together, regardless of their gender. I've no idea how our most precious Democratic asset has been taken hostage in this discussion. The Constitution is about the law---not about religion.

Boy. I'm fired up now.

Oh! Today is my adorable neice's 18th birthday! Happy birthday, Mary! You're amazing!


Drew said...

I can't help you with your Muse, but the blog is looking nice. All of the sound clips are a nice touch, but my dial-up connection has a lot of difficulty with it. Too much to try and load through my 56K...

As far as Bush and the topic of banning gay marriages, I have a whole rant going in my head about a number of political issues that I have been delaying for probably as long as you have been procrastinating on your chapter. I'm so tired of politicians as a whole that I would stop voting if it didn't mean giving up the thing that makes this country great. If you figure out how to remove the religious concerns from this issue though, abortion should be the next on your list. Same kind of logic to me. In a country where so many people follow Christianity, its only natural that one side of the arguement comes into the discussion with that religious slant.

Happy Birthday Mary!

Kathy said...

Drew: I didn't think anyone actually had dial-up anymore. That must make manipulating your own blog a bit painful. Do you have any recommendations for improving the situation? I *really* want to leave all of my clips up as my over-arching idea here is to enjoy the music and talk about it a little.

I'm sorry that Layla is joining the evil forces in your family so soon and ganging up on you about your favorite baseball team. Its just not fair, is it?

Drew said...

My dial-up problem has been solved. Almost. We are making the move to digital modem when we upgrade our cable to digital later this month. Not sure though on how to help out the rest of the folks stuck in the dark ages with dial-up.

Layla isn't a Sox fan yet. I have some say in this and she is very young and impressionable still. :-)