Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bad Covers, Worse Originals...

"Ain't Even Done With the Night" -- John Cougar ( Nothin' Matters and What if it Did?, 1981)

Today I'm driving home, listening to XM radio. I heard Blues Traveler's "All For You" and decided I was going to put it up here and talk a little bit about it and about how its so different from a favorite David Baerwald tune by the same name---no resemblance at all. But then, I heard this really, truly awful Joss Stone cover of "Some Kind of Wonderful"---everything about it was bad: the singing, the production, the arrangement. Complete overkill and not a bit of groove in what should be a very very groovy tune. Bleh.

It was followed shortly thereafter by John Cougar's "I Need a Lover" which didn't have an ounce of appeal until Pat Benatar did it in 1981---then it had some muscle. I think hers was better than his because a)she's a chick, 2)it has a harder edge and 3)its just better. So I sat there thinking about how many albums John Mellencamp has issued, under how many different variations of his name and I'd love to dislike him for it all. So much of his music, well; its kind of trite at this point, I think. But THIS song, "Ain't Even Done With the Night"---its got the right stuff: longing, scare-but-gonna-try-it-anyway naivete and really great mandolin. Great lyrics.


Anonymous said...

Love all of John Mellancamp's great music with simple down home lyrics. Gotta love it when a Hoosier Boy does good stuff. When he wrote Cherry Bomb he wrote it about my teenage life and loves. Plus I like Joss Stone's Some Kind of Wonderful too. A young girl with an old soul. I don't like that Blues Travelers guy or his music. That's why there is so much music out there and so many remakes because there are so many different people out there to hear what you have to say and how you say it. Of course I don't analyze everything I hear, I just like it or I don't. As you know anything musical that I might have had came out of me and into Lyman. Thank God.

LYFE Donna

Kathy said...

You're right about that, Donna. Lots of ears to listen with, lots of wallets to woo money from. I knew that dissing John Mellencamp would raise some eyebrows; that's kind of why I did it. HEY! Did you see the cool map I put up on Mom and Dad's blog? I LOVE it!