Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Only one more walking day

Pitiful---these last two weeks I've categorized days into those where I have to be out in the world walking around and days when I'm at home, mostly not walking around. Tomorrow is my last walking day before surgery on Friday. The only bummer is that it will be followed by a whole lot of non-walking, non-swimming,non-anything days. But we've got to get better.

Oh lord---there's a Ford commercial on with Taylor Hicks doing that thing he does---I'm not a fan. Tonight is Rob's "night off" which means with the girls upstairs playing in their rooms, I have command and control of the clicker (maybe that's where the Great and Powerful Mommy thing came from!) and I LIKE IT! Its going to be "That 70's show" reruns for a while. You know how I know I'm getting old(er)? I haven't surfed over to VH1 or MTV in months, maybe even a year.

Mom and Dad called today; they were at the Arctic Circle yesterday, they saw a bunch of moose...I think they were going to try to find a library with some internet connection and catch up on correspondence. Tomorrow I think they're heading to Denali National Park.

The only real excitement today is that I cooked meal #2 of the Thyme Out collection of items prepared last Friday. It was my first experience with these meal assembly places and I'm pretty pleased. I had a great night with several fun neighbors, we had to do no chopping or cleaning and the meals are actually good and easy, easy, easy to get to the table. I think I'll definitely do it again. Tonight was "Bonfire Beef with Corn relish" and we've had Carribean Pork Chops w/pineapple salsa. Both very good. Its VERY nice to have decent food at home after working without having to think about it really. Plus me and the girls drank about three bottles of wine while we chatted over the assembly tasks and then went out for drinks and snacks. I don't think I can ask for much more.

Crap. There's Taylor Hicks again. If I weren't typing I could just TiVo through these commercials couldn't I?

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