Friday, July 21, 2006

On TV today

Well, I'm back at home today after yesterday at the office really knocked me for a loop. And I'm finished with the DVD's Rob gave to me so I turned on the television. The Ellen show---is it possible for one person to be so cute? She had the John Mayer Trio on. If I were only allowed to say one thing about John Mayer, it would be this:

Begins with MMMMM and ends with MMM MMM MMM. Lord.

I don't know if he's a great musician or not but he certainly as some talent riding along in the trio: drummer Steve Jordan and bassist Pino Palladino. Both of them have more recording credits than I could begin to give a picture of but they include the major Brit blues-rock boys. Good stuff. The song they played, well, I didn't listen that closely because I was evaluating all the ways that Mayer seemed appealing but it appeared to be less radio-radio blues-pop than Robert Cray, not quite as true-blues-rock as SRV or Clapton but interesting. I bought the cd; what can I say? You can exploit male sexuality for profit just like female... in fact, I say, bring it on.

So anyway. It brings to mind an interesting situation that maybe other married/comitted folks find themselves in. I'm not really supposed to appreciate that kind of appeal in men other than my husband (and he's always been quite respectful in reciprocity). Or at least not so that he's aware. Doesn't that seem kind of silly? Given that sex appeal is totally the least common denominator in the world, that there's some kind of code that we can't acknowledge how it operates in the world, at the individual level? My personal feeling (and boy is it personal...), is that what's good for libido is good for the marriage. So long as it is held within the parameters (the spirit as well as the letter...) of existing marital vows and promises...? So like, no flirting, no disrespectful ogling, no inappropriate personal relationships, no engaging in girl talk in front of the spouse, no spending all the money we need for my tenth wedding anniversary ring purchase (or gasoline for that matter) on glossy mags or telephone sex... what's the damage? I'd appreciate an honest, married, heterosexual male perspective on this. Sorry if that request is too qualified. This reminds me of a favorite cousin's crush on Elvis and her husband's very clear objection to it. Very funny stuff, at least to me and the girls.

Scary and Sad
Well, I've avoided talking about what's going on in Lebanon because its just too scary for me. The potential for this to get much uglier, very quickly is enormous, IMHO. has had one sad photo after another of masses of coffins--- and our fearless leader just can't keep his foot of out of his mouth. I guess decorum would be too much to ask for. How many more days of this administration?

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