Friday, July 21, 2006


I'm very happy with my post from yesterday, the music, the rant, the inventory. I was greeted this morning by a comment from Drew...

First, I like how every electronic piece of equipment in your purse has a dead battery except for your iPod. That HAS to say something about you!

Second, that reminds me of an article I read in Esquire about one of the writers who would offer people $1000 for whatever was in their pockets. Interesting read. I linked it here so hopefully the link works correctly

It worked correctly and that was the most fun 10 minutes I've had with my laptop in a while. You guys should read the article. There's always something to love in Esquire magazine; I wish it weren't so blatantly targetted for male audiences (like I don't really care to whom those legs belong and I'm not really looking forward to next month's issue when we get to wonder whose legs those could be coupled with THOSE hooters...) because I'd be a more regular reader otherwise. But I tend to always read them when Rob has one.

Dead Batteries
You know, batteries are a major problem in today's world. Everygoddamnthing needs to be recharged, frequently. I carry two cell phones/pdas because that's just the state of things with my employer; both have to be recharged daily if I use them at all. Although they're both manufactured by a single entity, they require different chargers. And while I could make things easier by routinely charging my work phone in my office, I just can't ever depend on being there for adequate segments of time. When I'm not at my desk, the phone needs to be with me and be charged. So now I have this tangled mess of chargers on my kitchen counter (remember Rob carries a phone, too) and that annoys me. Kitchen counters (especially lovely ones) are for slicing and dicing, for orderly presentations of expensive kitchen tools, for makeshift bars.

So at status-quo keeping my phones charged is a dicey proposition. After a week of staying mostly upstairs because of my foot, all the little electrons just quietly nodded off to sleep in my purse. But my iPod? Its always charged. Because there's no way in heck I'm going anywhere, at any time, and have to listen to terrestrial radio.

Thanks for the article, Drew. My ideas should be so well thought out, so amusingly executed. I loved the woman at Monument Circle.


Drew said...

I'll add my list of daily items that I carry around to this post since it still kind of applies. My pockets (I haven't ever even thought about a man purse) contains at a minimum the following: wallet, business cards, pda (usually with hand written additional notes in the case), keys, pack of gum, pocket knife (Swiss Army variety), Chapstick, money clip, and my lucky 50-cent piece. Some days, like today, it contained Julie's cell phone since I don't own one and she thought I should have it today, and a couple of receipts.

Kathy said...

that's a lot of stuff for a pocket or two! My very masculine father carried a man purse during two periods of his life. In the early 70's in Spain when it was Euro-chic and he was a cool guy and in the early 80's and I don't know what his reason was. I think my Dad always thought that the pimp look was cool, though.

What's up with the lucky-50 cent piece? That sounds like a grandfather gift---was it?