Friday, July 7, 2006

Steal My Kisses

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals (Burn to Shine, 1999)

I had a HARD day at work yesterday---total brain crush. I had two back to back meetings with senior IT leaders on the CATI project. Both needed to be briefed on progress to date and specs for the solution we're carving out. Neither guy has enough time for anything so the meetings tend to be kind of brutal: organize and compress four months of data collection, integrate background info on existing enterprises for compatibility and spit it out in sound bytes in less than an hour. When I left my 12:30 meeting I felt like I'd been talking for four hours. It was 1:30. And I never got my brain back.

So imagine my delight when I pulled in the driveway at about 6:00 to find Rob and the girls outside kicking a soccer ball (it was a lovely evening with virtually no humidity). No sooner had I joined them when I was greeted with sweeping bows and entreaties, "Oh, Great and Powerful Mommy! How can we serve you?" HA! The same treatment was extended to Rob but he didn't make any, I told them that G&P Mommy needed some help toting her gear into the house and my bed needed to be made. What's the point of being appointed G&P Mommy if you can't work it?

I've got to see my physician for pre-op evaluation and then I get to have lunch with Rob. I need to go to Sam's Club to stock up on some stuff because I won't be shopping for a while after the surgery. Finally, I think I'm going to treat myself to a yarn swift because I'm getting pretty tired of using chair backs, etc, to wind my yarn into silly misshapen balls that roll all over the place. Later I'll get a ball winder, too.

I did, in fact, pick up the White Lies Designs Krista tee pattern the other day. There were none left at Woolwinder's so that blessed soul, Jacqui, slid me her personal copy that I happen to know she paid full retail for... an impressive gesture for a shop owner... I've picked up three skeins of Sierra in violet (29) for it. I hope to have it finished in enough time to wear it this summer. Of course now its starting to feel like everyone is going to be wearing one...

The Man needs help---all the time
Last night as Rob and I were preparing for bed, he said, "its annoying the fire out of me that my favorite pillow has gone missing for the last two weeks". That's the first I'd heard of it so I asked if he'd looked in the obvious places, like under his side of the bed... there it was. So I ask, are you really entitled to complain about being unable to find things when you haven't actually looked?

I don't know about you but I'd had enough of that damn Eddie Money. I love Ben Harper and you should hear Anna singing this one!

My daughters received an envelope in the mail yesterday from my Mom. In it we found two masterful drawings of dragons---one by my nephew Daniel (amazing, actually) and the other by Mom which was also quite We were overjoyed, I hope you'll like them, too.

Finally, Auntie Dot is leaving today; I actually just heard the limo doors close and the girls shouting their good byes. We enjoyed her being here so much and it is just wonderful to see Rob's Mom enjoying her company. Sisters are good. Sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Cousin....did I miss the Buzz? Surgery? Let me hear about what's going on. I love your blog.
Of course, I'm cherry red/green with envy on your new purchase!!
Your name sake, Carol Jean ( does that give me any leverage if you tire if cherry pin??)

Drew said...

Nice musical selection! It's making my rough morning Friday better already.

How does one become a Great and Powerful Mommy?

Anonymous said...

Love the "Steal Your Kisses", I've never heard it before. I can just picture little Anna March, my name sake, singing it and dancing around. How sweet. Are you getting your heel done again, Oh G & P Mommy? Have a great weekend and thanks again for the random act of kindness. LYFE

Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

Oh, the joy of good comments! How well I've learned that a blogger needs encouragement...

Ben Harper is about as cool as can be. He's married to Laura Dern who was the fabulous Lula in "Wild at Heart"---one of David Lynch's best films. I'm glad you all liked it because music doesn't get much better than this, I think. And its all the better that Donna had never heard it before because pointing out a good tune is something I hope to do here.

Drew, I think its just a fact that you are either a Great and Powerful Mommy or you're not. Having it acknowledged in such a gratifying way is something I don't yet understand but the homage continues today and I'm diggin' it! These kids---so much fun.

Carol, darling, you have been denied cherries by too many of your cousins for too long. If I tire of mine, I'll let you and Donna slug it out. I happen to know that older sisters are always the meanest so I'm confident you'll end up with the pin...

Surgery. I wonder what happened to the post where I said my foot is just terrible--I'm having to use a cane for walking to reduce impact. So next Friday I'm having endoscopic fasciotomy. I can't wait even though the recovery is going to suck.

Kathy said...

Drew---I'd venture to say its going to be something of a challenge for you to become a Great and Powerful Mommy...

Drew said...

True! I would assume though that the process of becoming a Great and Powerful Mommy is at least similar to the process of becoming a Great and Powerful Daddy. And that's a path that I would like to take. :-)