Wednesday, July 5, 2006


"Shakin'" -- Eddie Money ( No Control, 1983)
See how things go? I hadn't given Eddie Money or his music a single thought in over a decade. But as soon as I put the hula dancer on my dashboard, I couldn't stop thinking of this song. Its not so spectacular but it does capture fairly well a certain kind of vexation, right?

We had a very nice holiday---lots of time in pools, running through sprinklers. Rob's Aunt is here visiting from Boston as she has over the last several summers. She and Rob's Mom made barbecue sacrifices to the Independence gods and we all enjoyed the products. It was *so* nice to not cook and also not be involved in the clean-up. The other great thing about Dorothy visiting is that she loves wine and had visited a handful of Virginia vineyards on Monday so there was plenty of pretty good wine and good companionship. We all had a lot of fun.

I ended up at the pool with six neighborhood kids in addition to my own. It was a blast. Now that the kids are all skilled enough to be safe in the water, we can just get to the fun without worrying about who looks tired or over-their-head.

Pins and Needles

Its hard to tell much about this project (you can get a closer look without leaving this page by right clicking on the photo and select "open link in new window") but the base fiber is a pima cotton/wool (80/20) variegated (makes me think of watermelons--peach, green, pale yellow). The back is finished and I'm about one third finished with the front. It will be a short-sleeved, v-neck pullover for Anna Banana. I'm going to alternate the peach/green stripes with the variegated until the yoke which will be all peach. I'm not sure what I'll do with sleeves. Probably all variegated. Its based on a very basic pattern by Ann Norling that I personally find to be pretty boxy but in a fiber with good body it drapes well enough to conceal the strong shape. Haley's is finished and is gorgeous. If I can get her to put it on, I'll put up a photo. The yarn I'm using is Sierra Quattro which not only feels fabulous as you knit it but its also allegedly machine wash/dryable. Ha! And at only 9 bucks for 195 meters, I'm getting these sweaters done for under 30 bucks each. It remains to be seen whether I'll do one for LaLa or not because last night I fell in love with the Krista tee from White Lies designs and I think I ought to get it underway before the new autumn yarns start arriving and distracting me from the gorgeous cottons in stock at Woolwinders.

And look at this beautiful pin! I found it in an antique shop I wandered through with my favorite co-workers after celebrating my birthday lunch. I figured god must want me to have it or he wouldn't have led me there (I never believed it was the devil that made Geraldine Jones buy that dress). In general, I find most affirmation of divinity in retail exploits. I wasn't let down. And no small part of its charm is the envy it will strike in the hearts of every female on the Dillard side of my family. Its very old Austrian crystal; quite heavy but well constructed so it doesn't droop. Not eligible for Sarah Coventry....


Anonymous said...

This is the first Sarah Coventry signing in to say, I want it please please can I have it pretty please? Wow to great birthday finds, what could be better. The sweater looks like it will be really cute on completion. Have a good day.

LYFE Donna

Kathy said...

Darling, you wouldn't even wear it. Otherwise, I know where there's another one 'perzactly like it...

Anonymous said...

But that doesn't change the Sarah Coventry factor at all, I'd find some place for it to be displayed. However I did get a wonderful surprise last night. My door bell rang, I saw the UPS guy speed away and thought, I haven't ordered anything. There was this big box and I thought HMMMM. Inside was a giant Wizard of Oz coloring book from you. What a wonderful surprise. Loren especially will love coloring with me in it. Thanks for including me in your random acts of thoughtfullness and kindness. I appreciate it. LYFE

Kathy said...

Well, I couldn't have you Sarah Coventrying my hula dude, the pin AND the coloring book, could I?

oh,no, Donna---don't tell me that in these recent years you've gone soft and are allowing children to color in your books? Next you'll tell me that you share your colors, too! Gosh knows the kids will dull the points, tear the paper and maybe even break some of them!