Tuesday, August 1, 2006

The Gates of Hell

aren't this hot. I'm certain of it. The "heat index" has been around 120 for the last couple of days and even though I'm prone to exaggeration when telling a story, I'm not kidding about that. At 5:30 today the absolute temp was 104. Our upstairs A/C unit has been running continuously since I've been home and the temp here is still 78 degrees. Its just hot.

We are in a "heat emergency" here. That means more than its hot in the Emergency Response world. We have "cooling centers" established for people who don't have a cool place to be otherwise---much like cold weather shelters. Daily conference calls, data preparation for those and general requests for crystal-ball kinds of predictions.

D.C. United
Rob has taken Haley and Anna to see a DC United match against the Columbus Crew. I hope they have fun. I wouldn't be out in this heat if I didn't have to. Me and Lindsay are chillin' out, watching Hairspray. She's obsessed with it. Very funny.

Big Meeting
Today was the first of a pair of meetings on my CATI project. I guess it went well, but I'm not sure. I talked nearly continuously for 2 hours, got a little feedback but not as much discussion as I had anticipated. Either I've planned extremely well or people didn't get it.

Didn't sleep last night fretting over it. I'm really really tired. So this will be the second Hell reference: I often feel like Sisyphus, pushing that rock up a mountain in hell. Its tough to constantly be forging new territory and dragging people into technology solutions that they would rather be without... at any rate, I have a moderate list of action items from the meeting to take care of prior to next Wednesday's "kick-off". Thereafter I will sincerely collapse.

P.C. Assassin
I guess I am one. With my work laptop off to the scrap yard just three weeks ago, today my desktop machine died as well. Hard disk gone bad. Its the third Dell hard drive I've known to do that in the last 4 months. I think they were Maxtor's... Sadly, I don't think this demise will do anything to speed up receipt of my recently ordered machine. I'll have to suffer with a low-performing "standard" machine for a while. Thankfully, though, our Chief of IT Services is very well acquainted with my requirements and is always supportive of my elaborate requests. In any organization, its a good idea to be very friendly with your boss's secretary and a senior IT person. If it doesn't make life simpler, you'll at least get the inside scoop. Its a bonus if you happen to genuinely like those guys and I count myself very fortunate in that regard.

Pilar's last week
1 of 3 days down. Its very sad. She's sad, I'm sad. We made final arrangements for her last pay check, pinned down activities for her farewell celebration (ha!). The end is coming.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that Pilar is leaving, I know you are all sad. Making a new life plan for your family, big decisions to be made, obstacles to hurdle. Today is a happy day for me. Baby brother George gets in at 10:30am this morning and Lyman arrives back in LA after a month at 11:30am LA time. Things get better but the heat sure doesn't help anything. An ice water bath may help but that's about my only idea on keeping cool. George said they even had the heat in Seattle which never happens. LYFE


Kathy said...

I've been thinking about Goog's visit beginning today and of course you could nearly feel Lym's relief to be getting home.

Give George a big hug and kiss from me. I love him. That stuff.

Drew said...

I have been thinking all week that the Devil would walk out my door and say, "Yeah, I think I have some things to do inside. I'll be in there if you need me."

I had to go to one of our sites this afternoon on business and during the 20+ minute drive back we had the A/C going full blast. We got to the office and I realized that I never felt like I cooled down. That's hot!