Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

I don't know what has come over me but something happened. The other day I was browsing Woolwinder's fall class schedule and seeing their sock class offerings I was reminded that despite my 2-hour private lesson with a very skilled knitter AND instructor, I'd never been able to complete a sock on my own. So I resolved to try again and signed up for the class.

But that wasn't enough...
because apparently, I've gone around the bend. All of a sudden I *NEED* to knit socks. I need to see how they feel on my feet---everyone loves handknitted socks. I need sock yarn, I need---so many things for knitting socks. I pulled out my handy dandy sock book by Charlene Schurch and commenced on the class sock. It took three starts, first derailed at the heel turn, next at the gusset but with determination and plenty of internet scouring I have a model sock. Everything worked even though it seemed really screwy at the gusset part. It feels like you switch from knitting on the inside to knitting on the outside but it really isn't true; you're always knitting on the outside, it just doesn't feel like it before the heel turn. I think.

A couple of problems
Don't know how well it will show on a web page but there's two funky places. Its not completely clear to me but I think that those places where the fabric looks screwed up are places where I misunderstood which stitches to pick up in the gusset. I think. And so it is that even though I am now working on full size socks for me that I will continue to plan to attend the class in a couple of weeks. If my first socks are funky, so be it. I want to see why everyone fusses over handknit socks. When I find out, I'll let you know.

Perhaps my favorite thing
about knitting today is this: Haley knitting.

I tried to teach her in the winter but she would become too frustrated. We worked on it yesterday and today and I think she's really got it, she just needs to remind herself to pay attention to avoid silly errors. I'm very very happy that I might have a knitting buddy living in the house.
Oye Como Va-- Santana
I love knitting socks, I love it, I love knitting socks...

All things beyond the fray happening since Rob has left:

Dogs chew through power cord for family room light

Girls have mudslinging fest on back deck

Lindsay removes every article of clothing from Anna's dresser and closet, pulls all toys from Anna's shelves (yesterday)

Lindsay removes every article of clothing from Anna's dresser and closet, pulls all toys from Anna's shelves (today)

I'm just going to catalog these things for you guys out there thinking you might want to start a family. That's all I'm sayin'.

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Donna said...

I say lock her little mischevieous self outta Anna March's room. Then she could do it to your room instead. haha

Is the pink sock your first attempt or did you do all the socks in the picture? If you did you have been knitting up a storm. I'm glad Haley is taking an interest in the start of wonderful handmade gifts like her momma, granny and aunties. They are the best gifts for sure. LYFE