Saturday, September 9, 2006

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Early in the Morning -- The Gap Band (Gap Band IV, 1982)

Not much to say today; Rob is getting ready to spend a week at Oxford University. I'm trying to get the house prepared for his absence so I don't spend the entire time cleaning up, cooking or directing the children is similar tasks.

I don't want him to go for so long; he won't be back till late next Saturday. A couple of days can actually be fun but anything beyond two nights is way too much. We all miss him. Plus he invariably returns home ill.

Pictures, now:

Three little Girls on the first day of school...

Haley and Otis waking up slowly...

What I found on the living room sofa when I awoke this morning. The infamous Lindsay and her sweet tooth strike again.

Anna Banana in this season's soccer uniform. She had a splendid first game with a great breakaway for about 2/3 of the "big-kid" field length. This may be the season she becomes a bonafide soccer player instead of the kid who just loves running and chasing the ball with her friends.

Early in the Morning

The Gap Band... I'm sorry for you guys if weren't among the party crowd when this was the kind of music you could expect to hear in dance clubs.

While Rob and I were away last weekend we saw an advertisement for a Time/Life collection of "funk" hits---much as I object to that adjective applied as genre, Rob was clearly lusting over the track list so it being a time of indulgence, we've been grooving a good bit with the girls. Its kind of fun actually. "Super Freak" has become "Stinky Feet" around our house...

..she's a very stinky girl...she's got stinky feet, stinky feet; she's super stinky

I come by this affinity to take extreme pleasure in ridiculing my kids honestly. You know who you are.


Donna said...

A great blog. The girlies are quite adorable. Poor little LaLa wishing she could be a big school girl too. The sugar bowl looks like the one your Ol' Aunt Mary had. I don't know if it is the same one as that was quite a popular pattern in it's day. It did however give me a warm dejavu feeling seeing how nicely LaLa had it and the sugar placed on the couch. Your Aunt Mary would have loved it. LYFE

Kathy said...

this LaLa is just something else. That sugar bowl is the actual article that sat on my Grandmother's table on Winfield. I think my sisters got knock offs; it was INDEED popular then. Mine has some dings and these days the lid is broken---Lindsay has a VERY powerful sweet tooth! Love you!