Wednesday, September 6, 2006

One Trick Pony

Really---seems all I ever post about is how happy I am on my day off.

So I'm not sure what's going on. We've had all this bad weather; shifts in atmospheric pressure always trigger bad sinus stuff for me but I have felt really inordinately crappy for days---two days ago I was sure it was a doozy of a migraine---throwing up and all---but with the headache mostly gone I'm still feeling VERY badly.

Plus---I tried to make myself do some stuff in the house today. I was putting up mini blinds in Haley's room (and cool fringe window coverings...) and stepped down off the stool right onto a big steel cement screw thingie---right in the arch of my very sore foot. It penetrated pretty deeply. Hurts like hell.

Haley's big surprise
so at least I have a few things to show for the injury: Haley's new window coverings and bed linens. It looks like the room of an 8-going on -15 years old room. Very cool, very pink. She had no idea I'd been collecting the items so it was a big surprise for her. And I'm the coolest Mom on the planet right now. Remember Great and Powerful Mommy? That's me.

Her pierced ears are healing so nicely. I think she was born to wear jewelry (like me). We had a nice day together; she's a great little companion. Mostly easy to please. When I hurt my foot she immediately offered to get me a band-aid from Nana. When I rejected the idea she said that Daddy would come home and take me to the hospital. Such a sweetie pie. She knows just exactly what the protocol is for owies---little ones get band-aids, big ones require Daddy and the hospital.

Traveling Season
Both Rob and I do most of our business travel in the fall, some in the spring. Rob is headed off to Oxford for a week, leaving Sunday. He's back for just a bit before I head to Atlanta for five days. I think we get a little break before he's off to Miami and then there's a handful of other trips to Europe for him. Anyway, travel for business is what is most demanding for managing working out of the home and the kids. It'll be interesting to see how this goes without Pilar's assistance.

I love to knit. I decided that I needed to get my Koigu Ballet Cashmere sweater finished as fall is on its way so as much I was enjoying knitting on Krista, I put it away and picked up the Koigu. Its great stuff---very fine gauge merino wool worked on small needles. I have both front and back finished and I'm working on the sleeves. It should go quickly now.

I updated my knitting page recently and added some photos of older projects. Check it out. Rob picked up Anna's watermelon sweater for me from the finishe yesterday so I need to get a photo of her in it. It is even more adorable than I thought it would be.
For the record
I'm digging working part-time. Its official.

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