Thursday, September 7, 2006

The Summer Box -- 2006

"I Say a Little Prayer for You" -- Dionne Warwick

My family has so many birthdays in the summer; Beth's family does as well. It makes my California dreamin' sister, Tracy, take up semi-permanent residence in the post office. In recent years, Tracy has resorted to gathering up all of her birthday tributes and sending them in one big package and we look forward to it very much. Kind of like Christmas in late summer.

This year's package was waiting for me when we returned from the anniversary getaway. For little ol' me, there were a PILE of heartfelt gifts that really pleased me. Pictured here you'll see a beautiful handknit shawl that Tracy made for me in a beautiful color. There's nothing like the gift of an afghan, sweater, shawl or blanket, especially sent long distances, to make the recipient feel wrapped in affection, and indeed, I did. This shawl is extra special because its made up from the same pattern Tracy used to make a shawl for Beth and gave it to her just days before Beth died. I coveted that shawl terribly. What's more, there were color-coordinated baubles: fish pin and earrings made of polymer clay. So funny, co cute. Can't wait to wear them somewhere besides the house.

I also loved a book of illustrations based on Burt Bacharach's "Say a Little Prayer for You". Its enough to make a sister tear up. Thank you, Tracy. I feel quite loved.

The girls also had great stuff: AnT's tie-dye shirts that are SO great looking and which look fabulous on them (I promise to put up photos VERY soon, or now if I can wrestle them in here for photo op), paper dolls that are exquisite and great books. If there's something AnT knows, its good kid books. Picture of Lindsay in hers to follow, I promise.

Rob's uncle, Fr. Fred is here for a visit. He's an interesting man, retired priest, Hawaiiana buff and rather self-centered. I love his visits because it always reminds my Mother-in-Law that there are people more difficult than me to spend time with.

Well, I just solved the four-day mystery of why the toilet in the girls' bathroom was continually backed up: toothbrush. In the toilet. Collecting---whatever might want to pass by. Lindsay is notorious for "toilet-diving" and she' been accused before, mistakenly I assumed, of playing with her sisters' toothbrushes. Guess what? Turns out the little charmer is guilty.

Would someone please help me with this one: why is everyone in such an uproar about James Frey's book A Million Little Pieces? I don't get it. The fact that it was allegedly, that being the issue, autobiographical seems to be of so little consequence. It was an absolutely riveting read and I've never read better "stream of consciousness" prose. I don't suppose any of us could comment on the authenticity of the experience reported (and certainly not Mr. Frey, as it turns out) but it certainly felt credible. I am overwhelmed by the settlement announced today. Yes readers, if you've feel you were defrauded its claim of being autobiographical then you can get your money back.

Huh? Was it a good book? Didya like it? WTF's your problem? I mean I guess it makes Mr. Frey a dubious, even sleazy, character to perpetuate the charade with interviews, etc but the book? It was freakin' great.

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Donna said...

It sounds like Tracy sent a wonderful, magical surprise package for the girlies at the Mullen house. Love the tie dye, Tracy made me one a couple of years ago too, love it. Your shawl was davoon. It's so nice to receive a coveted surprise. I loved it when I received the big mystery package from you of the Wizard of OZ. I'm sure LaLa was cleaning the toilet with the toothbrush to be Mommy's little helper. Better to leave it in the toilet than to put it back for unknowing sisters to use, yuck. I enjoy your ramblings alot. LYFE