Saturday, October 28, 2006

Livin' Large

Love's Bugaloo -- Frank Catalano ( Mighty Burner, 2006)

I'm feeling well enough today to do more than sit in a daze looking forward to my next nap. Progress, eh? Unfortunately Rob is definitely on the way down with what is very likely the same malady. I hope he recovers more quickly but that's not how these things typically go. For now, I'm chillin' in the living room, streaming audio files through my Squeezebox and enjoying life.

big news, big girl
Lindsay has FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY embraced potty training in earnest and is making very good progress. Can I tell you how relieved I am? I was beginning to think she would never get over her control issue and move forward...

new music! Jazz!
I bought two new discs: Frank Catalano's Mighty Burner. I don't know where I heard of him first, probably Downbeat but he's also gotten some grammy attention and done some studio work for John Legend and J.Lo (not that I could tell you anything more than that about it...). Anyway, I have read glowing things about him and so far, I see why. He really reminds me of Tom Scott but he swings a bit more, a bit more funk. He's loud and a little honk-y but he's got the groove. This has been a good year for my discovery of good saxophonists: Miguel Zenon REALLY knocked me out with the SFJazz Collective and of course Joshua Redman and Ron Blake have been inspiring this year as well. I don't know if I ever mentioned my Sonny Rollins recording of his 9/11 tribute concert. Very nice.

Second, I'm very excited to have recieved in the mail the copy of the official recording of the SFJazz Collective's third season which was just released. I was happy to see the track list including some of the more memorable moments (for me) of their performance here. I haven't yet listened (it just came yesterday) but I'll definitely post the tracks that were really hot in concert. I'll repeat myself: seeing the SFJazz Collective here in March was absolutely, hands down, no debate the best concert I've ever seen with the possible exception of Lyman at the Jazz Kitchen when I was so overwhelmed with pride I could hardly stand myself.

For your listening pleasure, I give you Frank Catalano...

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