Monday, October 30, 2006

Knitters are knice

About six weeks ago, Anna's soccer team was practicing in a common green space in front of the coaches' house. It was a beautiful not-summer-not-fall evening so the whole family went. As I sat watching, but mostly knitting, a neighbor approached and asked about my project (it was the Koigu Ballet Cashmere that I can scarcely make myself take off) . I had been told by the coach's wife that her neighbor was an amazing knitter so I was more than pleased she stopped by. We had a great chat and exchanged emails. She's invited me to join her group of knit friends who gather about once per week during the cold months to knit and compare projects. It sounded great but I've been very busy. A couple of days ago I replied to one of her distributions commenting on a really great felted wool bag she'd made. It led to a whole big discussion of projects and my commenting on my frustration, need to get beyond it, with socks. She's an ace-sock knitter, as well (wouldn't you know it...) and has offered to spend time with me on my problem areas. So it is that for the time being I have cast aside (you see the pun?) my Lara in favor of getting some socks to the point where I need help. This is ArtYarns Ultramerino in a beautiful almost-watermelonish colorway. More subdued though. And those are US 4 Lantern Moon DPN's---heavenly to knit on. I'm going to use a four-stitch slip cable pattern. It should be delicate and nice.


Drew said...

You know the sound that Charlie Brown's teacher makes when she talks? When I'm reading through the knitting terms, I know that I read them as english words, but they somehow miraculously turn into the sound the teacher makes. US 4 Lantern Moon DPN's - wah wah wah wah wah. I've tried to understand what you are saying, I really have, but all I read is Charlie Brown's teacher.

That being said, Lindsay's hat from a few posts ago was cute.

I have also been meaning to tell you that the house looks really good. I don't know what it looked like before, but the tables in the Living Room are cool.

Kathy said...

Other than always feeling like the luckiest man in the world, can you imagine how it must feel to be Rob and live right in the middle of it??? LOL.

My knitting blog doesn't get very much attention (its not very cool as knitting blogs go). Its mostly for me to document my progress and challenges as I pursue certain projects---and to share perhaps with a knitty sister or friend or two... so sometimes I have to make people who actually read one of my blogs look at the stuff. Plus knitting really does represent a huge chunk of what I do with my time.