Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Our House

I've always loved this song and its perfect for this post:
Our House--Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (So Far, 1974)

Actually, now that I've put it up I think I've played it before.

Let me say this straight up: I loathe how difficult Blogger makes it to place photos where I want them. Forgive the weirdness of formatting here; I've screwed with it more than I want to already. Give up.

Well, given that I'm home for the nth consecutive day recovering from pneumonia, I finally took a pile of photos to post on the blog. First, the completion of our living room and dining room:

The lighting isn't great and of course we're still working out the carpet purchase but the new additions here are: the standing candle holders in three corners of the room, the light fixture (narrowly caught as Storehouse was going out of business; I'd been ogling it for years and it was 30% off).

Living Room
The smaller tables and lamp are the new items here and the drapes, of course. I love love love the light for its simple geometry and warmth. Those cube tables are huge favorites for all the geometry PLUS, they have interchangeable glass and cushion tops so that you can use them for foot propping or more elegant pursuits. I have some upholstery fabric that matches the couch that I'll actually recover the cushion tops with for a more cohesive look.
.One corner of the living room; the lamp and drapes are new; that's Noodle; he's such a lug. I love him. He drives Rob nuts.

I can't tell you how much I love this chair. In this photo only the lamp and table are really new; we got the chair and shelf at Christmas last year.

We've taken so much time to really build the themes we wanted for these rooms. We wanted definite sophistication for adult entertainment; we both wanted to go very modern but preserve the room's warmth---something that's hard to do with most modern furnishings. I wanted a huge infusion of color and geometry. The last peice is not completely played out: I want most of the wall decor to reflect my huge passion for music. I have one print hung but it desperately needs to be reframed. So there we go. I'm so happy with these rooms and look forward to many years of enjoying my family and friends in them. I will never move unless something crazy happens. Regardless of how much I wish we had a bigger lot. Maybe we'll get rich and one of our neighbors will put their house on the market and we'll buy it only to demolish the house and enjoy the land... uh-huh. That will happen.

More photos when I fell like clearing the kitchen table; I don't think I've shown our new table/chairs/shelving plus Dad put up a new light fixture last weekend.

And here we have the man himself, the principal reason for nesting at all. Love that Robert! Hope you'll overlook the bag o'laundry hanging in the frame and the mess of the family room behind him. See why I'm so psyched about having my living room? Gotta get away from the madness sometimes! As for my schmooopie's health: the cortisone injection didn't help one bit so he's having his pre-op workup for what we expect to be a lumbar fusion. Poor boy.

So I took more pictures to add to my knit blog. Here's a little preview:
(ps when people make big fusses over my crafting, I tend to make things for them... I'm just sayin'...its probably worth taking a look!)

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Donna said...

Love all of your new stuff, it's gorgeous. Poor Rob he's had too many serious health issues. Tell him his and your sick time is up completely as of 12-31-06. One year is enough for an individual and especially a family to have serious health issues. LaLa's hat is very very cute. LYFE