Saturday, October 21, 2006

What You Hear

Victim of Love -- The Eagles (Hotel California, 1976)

Is one of my all time favorite rock and roll songs. Its got everything: piercing lead guitars, overwhelming percussion, sneering lyrics and keen sexual innuendo. Killer. I can never listen to it just once. I love that lyric: "I could be wrong, but I'm not...."

The last week or so
Has been nuts. My Mom and Dad arrived late last Friday night, just as I was beginning to struggle with a cold. I had tons of "Daddy-do's" and we spent the first two days or so engaged in projects around the house. My Dad is such a good sport about helping Rob through the gaps of our skill sets... Mom and Dad both look great; my Mom has allowed her hair to go au natural and I think she looks beautiful with it silver---very sophisticated. She was wearing some great autumn ensembles and she fit right into the East Coast intellectual groove. We did some sight seeing at the National Cathedral; that's always a nice way to spend an afternoon. They have one of the best gift shops ever. We bought lots of good stuff.

Anyway, I had to spend a good deal of Monday working as well but I had most of Tuesday free to play with them while the kids were in school. Tuesday evening I had to depart for the conference in Baltimore. I awoke on Wednesday to find that my cold had no intention of being overwith and suffered through a day and a half of the conference before my illness and a large school outbreak of norovirus commanded my attention entirely.

Rob's Birthday
Yesterday was my favorite man's birthday and we were both pretty miserable. His back is still quite bad and my cold sucks. We celebrated enough to satisfy the girls who were so happy about their gifts and cards that we couldn't blow it off. I owe Rob more birthday fuss.

Craziness all around
So this week will be the major installation of the server-side applications for my CATI project. Its hard to believe this is real; I've worked so hard on the planning. It will have the potential to change the way we do all of our business if minds can be sufficiently opened. Its such an amazing act of trust to have given me half a million bucks to demonstrate an idea that no one really undertands besides me. They've really just taken my word for it so I can't wait to run our first demo and payback their confidence.

OK, so after the install we have a full week of training of various types. In between I get to fly up to VT to see my adorable niece for a weekend. I can't wait to see her. I also can't wait to get throught the next 6 weeks or so of work because its going to be INTENSE.

there's nothing like it. I picked up my Koigu Ballet Cashmere from the finisher; its just gorgeous fits well and looks great. I need to photograph it and I will. I'm zipping along on my Debbie Bliss Lara in alpaca/silk. Too pretty. I have yarn for an eagerly anticipated baby project... as soon as I finish off Lara. Also in the works: a rollneck top down raglan for Rob in cashmere/wool/silk (Noro Iroha), a pull over for darling nephew Daniel, hats, scores and scores of hats.

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