Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Vampires, Witches and Pirates (oh my!)

Spooky --- The Atlanta Rhythm Section

Happy Halloween
This year must certainly have been our family's most fun Halloween ever. All three of the girls were really jazzed about their costumes, we all really had fun with them and all three made it through the evening's sojourn. Lindsay was a little freaked out by some of the decorations but she did fine. It was great.

Jim and Colleen came over with the great pumpkin, aka, Baby Cara. We had chili and alternated shifts of handing out candy to ghosts and goblins with escorting the kids through the neighborhood. I've never been in any neighborhood that does Halloween like its done here. Very much fun. Even some of the neighborhood doggies get treats, at least at our front door.... Baby Cara continues to be adorable and sweet. I'm hoping to imprint on her very strongly before the dreaded stranger anxiety hits her and makes it impossible
for me to get my mitts on her.

Drew said yesterday that despite his best efforts, my knit chatter sounded like the wah wah wah of Charlie Brown adult voices. Very funny. I wish that football chatter were that intelligible. Just kidding. Truthfully, I can't help it. I love to knit and when allowed to think about whatever I please, its often knitting. I have actually become pretty good at balancing my laptop on my extended legs on the couch and browsing web content while knitting and listening to music. I haven't yet got Lindsay fully trained in the precise proportion of dip to chip so they can stand by to pop snacks in my mouth as I go but trust me---it won't be long!

So just to taunt you all: I'm going as fast as I can on the ArtYarn socks; the four-stitch baby cable is sweet and let me tell you: the cables are delightfully less work than cable-needle cables. Not that I ever minded but this goes much more quickly. They're going to be pretty socks. More knit talk: I laundered my Koigu Ballet Cashmere sweater for the first time. I had no idea how soft and lovely it would become. No wonder people love Koigu. My understanding is it just keeps getting softer... yippee! I love the thing. I can't wait for its debut at work.


Drew said...

First off, the kids look awesome! GREAT costumes and they look like they were having fun. I told Julie tonight that when Layla is old enough to start going trick-or-treating, I'm getting dressed up like the other dads in our neighborhood. Some of the dads were dressed up as much as their kids.

Okay, Koigu good. Four-stich baby cable wah wah wah. What, what just happened? :-) I tried, I really did. You keep talking, one of these days I'll either figure it out or do more research to know what it is I'm reading.

Donna said...

Love the little ghouls costumes. It is always such a fun night for kids of all ages. I'm with Drew on the knitting but am willing to go with the flow and pick out what I can comprehend. I have all the time in the world and do nothing to keep myself busy and entertained. It all seems like work. I guess I could watch people do all kinds of things and entertain myself through osmosis. I do love to read your blogs. Hope everyone is well this week.

Kathy said...

Hey Drew---I can teach you to knit! I know lots of men who do it!

Melissa said...

The girls look great! Did you make the costumes? They are very well coordinated! The bags are great too.

I have to agree that I don't get all the knitting stuff, but I love to see what fun things you are working on!

Kathy said...

Der---I write the knitting stuff to increase my mystique! Is it working?

I'm still laughing over the idea of me making the costumes!!! How very sweet of you! If days were about 47 hours long, I might have done that but those were straight from HalloweenCostumeExpress.com.

By the way, I should have mentioned: why is it that if a little girls wants to be a pirate all you can find are "ship-wench" (and I'm being polite) costumes? We had to get a boy's costume for Halebug. It was the BEST and hardly anyone recognized her.