Friday, November 17, 2006

Manos hat sprouting

Mystery hat #2. This must certainly be the most beautiful yarn I've ever knit with. It is Manos del Uruguay, 100% wool. It is hand spun, hand dyed; creating subtle variations in guage, texture and richness of color. The pattern is the same as the cloches (KidsKnits) I did for the girls last winter but I won't be putting a flower on it. I'm thinking also of finishing it differently: shaping the crown into a cord which could be knotted and look cute. I should finish the hat within the hour here but I wanted to get it photographed while we have sunshine. The weather has been abysmal lately making it difficult to photograph my knitting.
Corinne Bailey Rae -- "I'd Like To" (2006)
I enjoy this CD more and more each time I hear it. I've finally decided that of the many people she reminds me of, her style is more like Roberta Flack's than any others. I know when I first talked about her I made some remarks about Jill Scott that I'd like to back away from. Jill's first album has three or four really solid tracks on it, and two of them I really wouldn't want to be without ("Long Walk", or "The Way"). Her second album is actually excellent. I didn't give it enough of a chance. That's a mistake I make too often.

In other music news, I received two new J.J. Cale cd's---one a "best of" kind of thing and also the second-most recent studio release (To Tulsa and Back? Something like that). I love these cd's. Its made me think I should listen to more "Roots" kinds of releases. I love the way his songs play the margins of so many genres and I also love his voice. His approach to arrangement and production values is also what I like best; scaled down enough to hear the full-range of instrument voices.

Finally, I also ordered and received Roxy Music's "Avalon" on cd. In college somebody made a tape of it for me but I never really had a good quality recording. I'm happy to say I still like it. Roxy Music and Yaz are about the only two bands from that mid- late-80's Brit electronic pop that still has much appeal for me. I never really long for the Pet Shop Boys or Spandau Ballet, ya know?

Thanksgiving approacheth...
With Rob's surgery on Tuesday and not knowing whether he'll have to stay in the hospital, our plans have been quite scaled back. I think we'll feel the impact most acutely in the absence of our favorite annual guest, my cBFF Asia. I didn't feel like I could ask her to accept whatever the day may bring us so she's off to do something with someone who can deliver a fine holiday meal.

What I do have up my sleeve is a pile of new movies ("Avalon", "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and others) and surprise craft activities for the girls. Also a bunch of flowers for the house...that's become one of my favorite indulgences. In addition to what is typically a stunning cornucopia arrangment for each of the tables, I also get three smaller bouquets for coffee and side tables in the house. At the end of the day, I let each girl have one for their rooms; they love that. So even if we have nothing more than turkey, potatoes and pie, we'll have a special day.

November 17
Two years ago today, Beth Ann checked out of Roswell Cancer Center and 4.5 years of mostly misery. I'm learning about living with the loss rather than being disabled by it. My mother-in-law was right when she said that the sense of loss doesn't go away, you just learn to accomodate it in your life. I miss Beth. I miss talking to her, I miss knitting with her, I miss her silliness and competitive bawdiness when in the same room with Dave and Asia. I miss her overwhelming affection for her children, nieces and nephews. I miss her cooking. I miss being able to call her Friday mornings after the kids get off to school to talk about what she's going to cook for supper. And I miss being her favorite sister.

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