Friday, February 23, 2007

My Love Affair with Amazon

Oh, I love Amazon and they love me. I have one of their "prime" memberships so for eighty bucks a year, I get free second day shipping. I live right along key distribution lines for the USPS and UPS so I can almost always receive my second day shipments the next day.

In my new life as a stay at home Mommy, I'm going to have be much more careful about how easily I decide to buy whatever passes through my mind... I thought it would be fun, and possibly embarassing to summarize all of my non-gift purchases over a recent period and then report all new purchases as I become destitute. Let's take a look at 2006 and the year-to-date. I've categorized purchases from Amazon as cd's purchased for me, by me; Books (bought for me or Rob except for gifts); Gifts (except Christmas); Household items (blank cds, rice cooker, fans, kind of everything else category), non-gift kid items, movies.

Sixty-one new cd's for ME, from ME, last year, eh? That's a lot. Does it count that I really love them? I wish it were easier to look at this and just say---ok, here's how we cut costs. I had thought about proposing a max of 4 new cd's per month for me, no limits on Rob's books because he's got to have them. I'll definitely be more cautious about buying more non-knitting books. but I think the household category adds up more quickly than other things (esp when it includes things like 250 gig external hard drives, iPods, etc). I dunno. 4 cd's per month would still have me at 48 per year. Maybe 3 per month? How many cd's do you guys buy?

Oh, and for the record, I don't buy every single cd I want. Lots of them I put on my wishlist and hope people who love me will send me presents. I do sometimes have to give in, though, if I want something very badly...


Donna said...

I personally think it's a lot of cds however probably someone in your age bracket, especially Lyman wouldn't. Knit more cruise Amazon less, that's my best idea. Have a good weekend. LYFE

Kathy said...

I must admit I feel a bit sheepish about the number... I think I'm going to shoot for a max of 3 per month. Its gonna be hard.

One of the things I have to do is to STOP lending cd's. Many of the cd's I've bought this year were relatively new purchases I was excited about and lent to a certain good friend. And I don't have the guts to ask for them. So I replaced them.

Funny thing: its perfectly obvious when I have new music in the house. When I asked Rob how many new cd's he thought I had purchased, he said "30 or so?"

So now I can see easily that its not my cd spending habit that takes up so much of our money. Its probably makeup and clothes. Easily dispensed with. And I decided to buy only knitting books for myself, relying on Rob for good fiction and the new library that's about to open up down the street...

Lyman said...

I probably buy as many CDs as you.

But mine are a tax right-off.

Anonymous said...

Nice list of things noodle ate. Makes Bailey look like an angel :)
love ya!