Saturday, March 24, 2007

Medeiros with Tyrell at the Ram's Head

It was a rainy night in Annapolis, not the spring evening we'd hoped for that would have no doubt brought lots of Midshipmen running about town in white uniforms. That's too bad.

The show
Maybe its because I've seen so/too much of Tyrell or maybe it really was an off night. I thought the show was rather dull---seemed to lack its usual sparkle. I think I've seen Lyman play with him 7 or 8 times over the last several years; I could practically do all of Steve's banter for him. I thought Steve's voice was really worn out and that worried me some. We've got to think about Lyman's future after all...

Another big downer for me is that I was seated just so I couldn't see Lyman at all. I moved myself a couple of times to watch him work it out and those moments were *much* more enjoyable for me. I felt kind of like a stalker...

The food sucked. The crowd was really stodgy, I thought. The average age was probably like 62 or something which isn't old but for a show that started at 9:30---well, they were kind of snoozy, I guess. There was just NONE of that momentum you usually find, the synergy of showman exciting audience pushing performance to greater heights...and no bass feature for Limonie. He did get to sing a bit and made some cute little "these boots were made for walking" noises while Steve rambled about Nancy Sinatra. I really like Lyman's voice in song and I think he should sing more.

Steve made a funny remark about Lyman being a new father as they wrapped up "Makin' Whoopee"---something about the line "he's washing dishes, and baby clothes..." It was cute.

Lyman is beyond ready to be home with Carrie, Milo and Murphy. You could see that he had been gone too long; tomorrow morning can't get here soon enough. Tired boy, go home.

The Motley Crew
I've said it here before, cBFFs Dave and A. are dangerous together. What with all the possibility of nubile sailor-wannabes in Annapolis, neither of them could restrain themselves. As we left the show, around midnight, we encountered straggling clumps of formally clad military folks. I wasn't sure at first whether we were seeing Midshipmen coming from a dance or whether it was the chorus or orchestra. Well, it only took one moment to figure it out. As I was entertaining the question, my eyes, Asia's eyes were rudely redirected to what we're calling "the golden globes"... that's right, a young man in uniform and his date, in a yellow formal gown. Not only were her breasts right out there for all to see but they were actually jiggling a lot with each step. I would imagine they were a bit of a distraction at the dance.

Guess who didn't notice? But he had noticed that her escort was blonde, lithe, broad shouldered but needed a bit of a shave.

In stark contrast, just behind the lovely couple were two female midshipmen in their formal uniforms---little Napoleon-esque jackets and cumberbunds, long straight not fair for the civilian females to be flaunting their goodies while the local girls are forced to wear their daddys' uniforms... I remember a midshipmen friend of mine explaining that the popular euphemism for females at the Academy was WUBA---either "Women in Uniform with Big Asses" or "Women with Unusually Big Asses". Those uniforms for chicks? They make all the booties look huge and reveal nothing of the lovely feminine form....

They do nicely for the boys, however...

Anyway, I'm glad that Lyman got to meet A. as I'm really hoping she and I can make it up to the Blue Note in May and meet Milo, visit Carrie and Murphy. Plus, she and I have always meant to catch a taping of The Daily Show---could be a fun trip.

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Donna said...

Too bad about the show. I think once we saw Lyman's own band and personal show all the rest fails in comparison. haha I asked what he thought when he saw Milo after two weeks (half his life) and Lym said "I should have never taken the gig, it was too long too soon". He was cooking dinner and watching Milo while Carrie went to the mailbox and walked Murphy for her daily outing. Good thing babies are more than worth what you give up to have them including sleep. LYFE