Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Return of Lyman

No headache (much) this morning. Yippee!

I missed the Tyrell show at the Birchmere on Sunday because I felt SO horrible. Luckily Lyman had yesterday off so he hopped on the Metro and came out to the burbs for family time and some supper.

Lyman is GREAT. He's clearly digging being a Dad, misses Milo, Carrie and Murphy. He had some photos of the baby I hadn't seen and it was great to talk to him in person about the whole "having a baby" thing. He also played my guitar some for us and that was wonderful---you should hear his acoustic licks on "Flashlight" some time...

Haley, Anna and Lindsay are just star-struck by him. They just stand near him and grin. Don't say a thing. Its *very* cute.

It was a wonderful, wonderful evening with him. I loved having him here, he's just so much fun for all of us. Lucky for me they'll all be back in town late this week for one last show before heading home: Rob and I will get to see him at the Ram's Head in Annapolis on Friday.

Isn't Haley looking so grown up? I can't believe it.


Donna said...

I'm glad you guys had such a good visit. It looks like Lym and the girlies had a mutual admiration society going. Glad your headache is finally going away and that you will get to see Lym play before he leaves. I noticed that my name sake has on her cherry nitey. I'm happy you finally got a chance to actually visit with Lyman. Those chances are few even for a mom. LYFE

Kathy said...

I feel lucky compared to others; he plays the region pretty frequently and I can mostly catch the shows and visit around them. But there's nothing like having someone in your home for a really warm, family visit. We loved it. Can you believe that Lyman didn't know about the legacy of the cherries? Boys.

I'm trying to finagle a little quick trip to NYC in May to see the whole fam-damily when he plays the Blue Note there.

Lyman said...

Those girls are way too cute, I sure do ugly up that picture!