Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring 2007

It seems as though we have indeed bid winter goodbye for the year. It was a very bizarre season with most of the cold weather coming in fits and starts, leaving nasty icy snow. Not a banner year from my perspective. I like Mid-Atlantic winters for their sunny, cold days and typical snow storms numbering about 5, with no more than 6 inches, very little ice. Do you hear me Mother Nature? You let me down!

But there's no denying that Spring, in all its fecund beauty is upon us. The grass is green, like Ireland; my favorite trees of the region--- "tulip magnolias" are in bloom. I see our hyacinths, forsythia and crocus adding color. I *think* I see the lillies of the valley I planted last year pushing up leaves. Beth's rosebush is leafing up as well.

We've planted trees for each of the girls on their first birthdays. Lindsay's is the first to bloom, a star magnolia. It smells sweet and is quite delicate. Anna brought one in to me yesterday. There are perhaps three others on the branches now. Anna's tree is a cherry blossom, a variety which blooms later than most but is very lovely. Haley's traditional magnolia in the back yard stays leafy all year but the large blossoms don't bloom till true summer arrives. Our newest addition, the pink dogwood planted on the first birthday following Beth's passing, bloomed beautifully in mid-April last year. I don't see a lot of activity happening there but some...

That means soccer
Through a bit of serendipity,Haley will be playing soccer this season on Anna's team. Haley sat out last year but seemed to miss it a good bit. Her previous experiences had her playing on a team of girls a year or two older than her, more experienced and not very friendly to her. Anna's team had a few "winter workouts" that Haley was invited to participate in and she really enjoyed it. I hope this will be a very positive experience for her. Anna is such an enthusiastic kid when it comes to sports; I hope some of that wears off on Haley. We really like the coach and the group of parents. First match is tomorrow; I hope to have some pictures. I tend to get dirty looks from the other Moms for my knitting on the sidelines.

Speaking of....
I've been knitting like a fiend. I haven't taken any photos.

I sent Lyman home with a baby blanket for Milo. It was so soft and sweet, Lyman kept nuzzling it (oh yes, I SAW you, dude!). Let's see, it was the Big,Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch and Bitch Nation, done with a blue/white Laine du Nord merino wool. It was pure heaven. And it left here without being photographed so I apologize for that.

I have knit one sock in Koigu merino, kind of a beautiful teal. I did Charlene Schurch's six-stitch twin rib on US 2 dpns. I loved knitting it; the rosewood needles just got smoother and silkier with each knit... the fabric ended up quite heavy so they'll definitely be (very) cold weather socks.

I'm going to cast on the second sock soon but I'm currently schlogging away on the Koigu Charlotte's Web shawl. It is more beautiful than any words could describe.

And I need to get moving a couple of other secret projects that I'm very stoked about.

Girlish Excitement
I have a secret admirer!!!! He leaves me Almond Roca on my doorstep from time to time. He did so today! Of course I know who he is, so does Rob, so does his wife. But its so much fun! Every once in a while I leave Hershey's Kissables for him. Its a great little game we play. He also calls my girls every year pretending to be Santa Claus. What a guy.

Last year Haley said, you know Santa's voice sounds an awful lot like Mr. Joe's. Yep, it sure does. And my voice sounds a lot like Nana Mary's and Aunt Tracy's. Isn't it funny how that can happen????

Dire Straits
I've been feeling the need for some Straits lately. I dunno; there's just something about their sound that really gets me---probably the very blue, but hard rockin', guitar. Mournful; foreboding. Mark Knopfler can't sing a lick but I still love to hear it...

Follow Me Home -- Dire Straits (Communique, 1979)

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Lyman said...

That is one soft blanket. Carrie likes to swaddle the little boy up tightly like he's headed for the asylum; it's too soft to swaddle with. It's definately a cuddle blanket.

For Milo ... of course ...