Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Knitting

Well, kids, its been a long time since I forced you to admire my knitting. Its time to pay the piper.

Charlotte's Web Shawl
Let's begin now with the Koigu KPPPM "Charlotte's Web Shawl". Its made of five colorways (KPPPM is all variegated; some subtly, others more bold) gradually transitioning. Its done on US 3's and once you figure out a few things about the pattern, its not really very hard but does require attention. I found a picture of a finished, blocked, sample. I hate the colors in this photo but it is truly the only photo that shows the detail:

I will fringe mine fairly heavily to balance out the color spread. So far, I'm about half way through the fourth colorway, leaving only about 45 more rows to do. Currently, the row stitch count is about 275 stitches and it grows by 4 every other row....its a lot of knitting. Here's what mine looked like this morning; I tried to pin it a little to show some of the detail that won't be truly appreciated until blocking:

I'm very very proud of my work on this. At completion, it will be much more purple than brown, but not overwhelmingly so.

Koigu Twin Rib Sock(s)

I find I enjoy knitting socks much more now that I have a complete pair to wear as I knit new ones. Not so much pressure, I guess. Here's sock one of my next pair:

This sock took a little more than one skein which worries me a bit since I only bought two. I'm hoping it was just a skein shortage, otherwise the second sock will have a different toe... I have to say, these feel SOOOOO good I may never knit socks with Opal or Regia again. Which kind of sucks since I have a pile of it... In June I hope to take a class to learn how to knit both socks at once on two circular needles. That'll be a neat trick, eh? And if you run out of yarn---you run out at the same point in both socks so you can get all artsy with the compensation....

Krista-- White Lies Designs Tee
You might remember this from its initiation last summer/fall. I picked it up again yesterday because I'd like to wear it this spring/summer and also because I needed something fairly mindless to work on at the soccer game. Its going to be beautiful and I ordered a couple of other patterns from White Lies since I love their designs and patterns so much:

You can definitely see I've made some errors. That's what we like to call artistic interpretation of design. Call it anything else and I'll do something nasty to you.

These are the patterns I'm expecting in the mail soon:

I'm getting the impression that White Lies specializes in feminine designs for ample-busted women. I love all of these. The red one (Bella) also is designed for cardigan. You guys are going to be sooooo jealous. They also had a lovely (free) pattern for a shapely tank with optional sleeves. How cool is this company? Go---spend your money! Keep these guys in business!

Finally--- a pile of --what else?---Koigu for a secret project. I love me some Koigu, both for color and hand feel. You just can't imagine how dang soft it gets after washing. And you can wash it in the machine, cold and low. You can't get better than that in a luxury fiber.

Mullens play soccer

Yesterday was the first soccer match with Haley and Anna both playing for Coach Paul on the Maniacs (hate the name). The girls' team won and I have to say, they all played REALLY well. The other team had a killer goalie, otherwise they looked like a bunch of kids playing their first season, really. Not only have most of the Maniacs been playing for four or five seasons, these guys mostly all played together last year so they're pretty cohesive. My girls have come such a long way in their understanding of the game and their positions. At one point, both Haley and Anna were playing defense and the Coach took to calling them "Sister Sledge". Everyone over 40 thought that was very funny. Unfortunately, there weren't that many of us....

Haley really played her heart out and did VERY well. Much better than I've ever seen her play. Great enthusiasm, a lot of great work on D. Anna has always been a fireball on the soccer field and she just has so much was a great afternoon!

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