Monday, April 9, 2007

Hippity Hoppity Easter

Easter may soon supplant Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. Coming, as it does, as the herald of spring, if not actually warm (it SNOWED here on Saturday...), it brings relief from winter. We have a handful of family traditions but not really any pressure. And the girls love it...

From the coloring of eggs, right through devouring pounds of chocolate in mere hours, they all claim Easter as the most "joyful" of holidays. We colored 36 eggs. I think about six have been eaten.

All of the eggs were found in less than 15 minutes. Lindsay actually found a few this year although she wasn't really so interested---much more fun to rifle through her basket of goodies. Rob has a tradition all his own. It took me a couple of years to figure it out but this is the scoop: every year I tell the girls how many eggs we left for the Bunny to hide, how many they should find. At some point during the hunt, Rob disposes of one of them. That leaves me insisting that the girls hunt more and them getting bored with it, me increasingly concerned about having rotting eggs in my house. And at some point, Rob will start insisting that the Bunny didn't hide X eggs, but only X - 1 so they all start acting like I'm nuts. Every year he does it.

cBFF A. joined us for the holiday meal. She brought wine and egg-shaped cupcakes (both yummy). I had a delightful ham, fabulous green beans and the best, creamiest, butteriest mashed potatoes ever with fresh baked croissants. Dessert was the family traditional strawberry shortcake. I substituted cream for the milk in the recipe and a little extra butter and let me tell you---that shortcake was to die for. Too bad my little rugrats had sucked every bit of whipped cream out of the cans in the fridge....none for the shortcake.

Goodies for the Tootsies

I had *just* enough Koigu to knit the second sock!!!! Close enough is good enough, baby! These are my favorite socks yet. They feel so good and they're absolutely beautiful. This photo makes one sock look more blue and the other more green. In fact they're both very well matched. I can't wait to cast on my next pair but I have some other pressing obligations.

This close-up shows the detail of hand-knit socks: the sturdy heel flap, the cofluence of instep with sole as the gusset is decreased and really beautifully shaped toes. For the record, this style of toe (if nothing else) is the best reason to use Charlene Schurch's patterns. Ann Norling's toe is yucky looking and not well suited for human feet. Can you see the twin rib pattern on the instep? I really really like it and it may become my default sock pattern except when I'm overwhelmed by something else.

I NEVER have enough time to knit. OH! Remember this sock? This is the first human-sized one I made---the one that taught me that you need two skeins of sock weight yarn to make a pair and I only had one???

I finally found a close enough match to warrant making the second one. I'm very happy about that! These are beautiful, too!


I'm at a loss for words to describe how amazing high definition TV is. Stunning. Go buy one now.


Drew said...

Socks look comfy. Any idea why they display as different colors though?

HD is enough for Julie to watch golf with me. Something about being able to see every blade of grass is enough for her to sit through the boredom.

Kathy said...

In general, I have trouble getting true representation of color with my digital camera. I attribute it to my photographic ignorance, lighting (huge issue) and also, to large extent, the variegation of yarn I use.

Funny about Julie and golf; Rob is more content to sit through kids' tv in HD...we just love that picture!

Hey---I've begun having some trouble with my WEGA...sometimes it goes all black and white on me---then just as unpredictably goes back to color. I've looked around a couple of forums but I have no idea what those people are saying. Have you had any trouble with your WEGA?

Drew said...

No problems with our WEGA yet, but we really haven't had it that long. If I was having problems already, I would be really upset.